Five Favourites Thursday: TV Binge.

One of my favourite things to do aside from spending hours on Tumblr, writing and listening to/ singing along to country, is watching… no BINGE watching television programmes. I’m always on the lookout for a new show to get obsessed with (it’s not like I’m not already completely absorbed in Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Suits, The Good Wife, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Ray Donovan, Criminal Minds, Peaky Blinders, Bondi Rescue – I don’t really think I need to list any more, do you?). Anyway, below are the latest additions to my TV show collection.


The political drama series that everyone has heard of even if they haven’t seen it. Well written, cunning, beautifully directed and acted, House of Cards, is about power and about one man’s exploitation of people. If nothing else, this series teaches us that payback is a bitch. While I may have been a year or two late, I’m all caught up and can’t wait for the third season which will be released next year. I’m so excited and can’t wait!


Hmm, where do I start with Chicago Fire? I love it, that’s for sure, and it’s highly addictive, but I’m just not sure if it’s any good. It’s about the firefighters and paramedics working out of Firehouse 51 located in Chicago, and follow their dramas with everything from drug addiction, love, forgiveness, family and… fire. There is so much love between the characters, that even when they’re fighting and hating each other, you know they’ll always be there for one another, which makes me smile and brings a tear to my eye. If you end up watching like I did (two seasons in four-ish days) you might find yourself saying things like: ‘Chicago fire department, call out’.

You know what; scratch what I said at the beginning, I’m sure this series is good. It’s fucking awesome!


The spin-off/ sister show to Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. is about members of the intelligence squad of the Chicago police department working in Chicago. They fight crime like no other and look hot while they do it. There’s a different kind of love between these characters, but that’s only to be expected seeing as they’ve only been together for a few months. That being said, they have each other’s backs and care for one another.


After a few days of looking for the next series to get obsessed with, Blue Bloods presented itself nicely, and I’ve slowly been making my way through four seasons (I’m currently midway through season four). For one family, the Reagan’s, law enforcement is in their blood; what with Frank (the head of the family) being police commissioner just like his father was; Danny as a first grade detective for New York city police department; Erin as the assistant district attorney for New York; and the youngest (and cutest) Jamie as a beat cop. Jam-packed with action, thrills, laughs and tough decisions this series is one I could not recommend enough!


I was hooked on the first season that aired last year so I was over the moon when the second season started a few weeks ago. This season we see bachelor Blake try to find true love – it’s only been a few episodes and there has already been so much drama.

So if you ever find yourself with a spare month and have no idea what to watch, why not check out a couple of these. Happy Thursday.



Coconut Gelly.

I bought this colour a few months ago but as my hands have spent the last month and a half in nail therapy, I haven’t yet had a chance to try it out. This colour ‘Coconut’ is from Barry M’s Gelly Collection, and while I’m still deciding on what I think, right now I’d say it’s a great colour. In some lights it looks pink (think Rose Hip), and in other lights it looks like a creamy glossy white (think dulux paint).

Coconut Gelly

Coconut Gelly

Coconut Gelly

It’s definitely the perfect colour and texture for me to return to wearing nail varnish, and as I’m already in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the Gelly Collection, I’m sure I’m going to love wearing this colour.

Coconut Gelly

Coconut Gelly

Coconut Gelly

Sweater: Topshop

Oh and speaking of my month and a half away from nail varnish, that reminds me; I’ve got a whole load of colours to show you guys, so stay tuned.



Sixteen Small Steps To Happiness.

Good morning from me, courtesy of Tumblr.

1. Push yourself to get up before the rest of the world – start with 7am, then 6am, then 5:30am. Go to the nearest hill with a big coat and a scarf and watch the sun rise.

2. Push yourself to fall asleep earlier – start with 11pm, then 10pm, then 9pm. Wake up in the morning feeling re-energized and comfortable.

3. Erase processed food from your diet. Start with no lollies, chips, biscuits, then erase pasta, rice, cereal, then bread. Use the rule that if a child couldn’t identify what was in it, you don’t eat it.

4. Get into the habit of cooking yourself a beautiful breakfast. Fry tomatoes and mushrooms in real butter and garlic, fry an egg, slice up a fresh avocado and squirt way too much lemon on it. Sit and eat it and do nothing else.

5. Stretch. Start by reaching for the sky as hard as you can, then trying to touch your toes. Roll your head. Stretch your fingers. Stretch everything.

6. Buy a 1L water bottle. Start with pushing yourself to drink the whole thing in a day, then try drinking it twice.

7. Buy a beautiful diary and a beautiful black pen. Write down everything you do, including dinner dates, appointments, assignments, coffees, what you need to do that day. No detail is too small.

8. Strip your bed of your sheets and empty your underwear draw into the washing machine. Put a massive scoop of scented fabric softener in there and wash. Make your bed in full.

9. Organise your room. Fold all your clothes (and bag what you don’t want), clean your mirror, your laptop, vacuum the floor. Light a beautiful candle.

10. Have a luxurious shower with your favourite music playing. Wash your hair, scrub your body, brush your teeth. Lather your whole body in moisturiser, get familiar with the part between your toes, your inner thighs, the back of your neck.

11. Push yourself to go for a walk. Take your headphones, go to the beach and walk. Smile at strangers walking the other way and be surprised how many smile back. Bring your dog and observe the dog’s behaviour. Realise you can learn from your dog.

12. Message old friends with personal jokes. Reminisce. Suggest a catch up soon, even if you don’t follow through. Push yourself to follow through.

14. Think long and hard about what interests you. Crime? Sex? Boarding school? Long-forgotten romance etiquette? Find a book about it and read it. There is a book about literally everything.

15. Become the person you would ideally fall in love with. Let cars merge into your lane when driving. Pay double for parking tickets and leave a second one in the machine. Stick your tongue out at babies. Compliment people on their cute clothes. Challenge yourself to not ridicule anyone for a whole day. Then two. Then a week. Walk with a straight posture. Look people in the eye. Ask people about their story. Talk to acquaintances so they become friends.

16. Lie in the sunshine. Daydream about the life you would lead if failure wasn’t a thing. open your eyes. Take small steps to make it happen for you.

Happy Monday, and here’s to a good week!



Girl In A Country Song.

This song may be called ‘Girl in a Country Song’ but it could easily be changed to fit almost any musical genre where women are seen as mere objects of the male gaze and nothing more. This first single from country newcomers Maddie and Tae has already made some major waves and if this song is any indication of their talent, I’m pretty sure we can expect great things from these girls. Give the song a listen and let me know what you think.

Woo three cheers for girl power. Happy Sunday!



Favourite Combo.

By now you’re probably used to seeing this kimono on the blog. It goes with everything and is the perfect cover-up as it’s light, simple and looks so good. I kind of like to look at this outfit as the miniature version of this… what do you think?

Favourite Combo

Favourite Combo

Favourite Combo

Kimono: H&M; Playsuit: ASOS

Kimono: H&M; Playsuit: ASOS

A playsuit and kimono is probably one of my favourite outfit combos.



Los Angeles Confidential X Lizzy Caplan.

Lizzy Caplan, known better to us as either Janice from Mean Girls (I’m sorry but I had to) or Virginia Johnson from Masters of Sex (which I haven’t seen, but as it’s been nominated for five Emmys, it MUST be good, right?), covers the latest edition of Los Angeles Confidential, and I have to say that I am absolutely blown away by these shots.

Late bloomer: But the small screen wasn't always so rewarding for Lizzy, who lost numerous pilot auditions for the now-defunct WB Network

Caplan looks unbelievably STUNNING in these pictures taken by Tony Duran, so claps all round, as she wears Emilio Pucci, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin to name but a few.

High fashion: In the vampy b&w spread - shot by Tony Duran - the True Blood actress rocks razor-sharp cheekbones alongside a Lanvin fringe frock and Louboutins

Fierce: Lizzy also highlighted her waifish frame in a bejeweled wool dress designed by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent

In her spread she talks about a bit about feeling like the underdog and losing out on roles because she didn’t have the right look.

Airing August 25! The brunette beauty will compete against Robin Wright, Claire Danes, Michelle Dockery, Kerry Washington, and Julianna Margulies for best actress in a drama series on the NBC telecast

Razor sharp cheekbones: Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan got a sultry, glam makeover in a plunging gown and gladiator boots - both by Emilio Pucci

Also check out the video of some behind the scenes action.




pictures taken from Daily Mail