Something Amazing.

Sometimes it’s as though I’m so scared of my potential and all that I’ve got to offer, that instead of working harder and bettering myself, I spend my time talking myself down and rationalising why there’s no need for me to do something. I know this is a really bad trait of mine but I’m sure I’m not the only one, so today let’s all remember:

Happy Monday.



우리집 (My House).

When I first clicked on this song on Wednesday I had no idea it would effectively take over my whole life. I had no idea it would be so catchy and that I would get so obsessed with the song that I would have it on repeat constantly, and even get my sister hooked on it too – oh if only I’d known. Anyway, as I’m all about living life without regrets, I won’t ponder on how differently these last couple of days could have been, and instead I’ll just focus on how much I love this song and on how HOT these boys are. ‘My House’ is the comeback song from Korean boyband, 2pm, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best things that have happened to me in such a long time…

Enjoy! Happy Sunday!



ps. We all know that I’m a sucker for a good dance routine, especially if there are guys involved he he ;)

Five Favourites Thursday: June 2015.

Is it just me or did this month go by so quickly? Sure we’ve still got a good five days left of the month, but as the last Thursday of June, the month is pretty much finished. Anyway, as I’ve spent the majority of my month working eight and a half hours a day whilst writing my dissertation, I haven’t exactly done anything too crazy recently – unless you count window shopping on net-a-porter. Check out five of my favourite pieces this month.











Styling Suggestion


If there’s one regret I have about this month, it’s that I didn’t post quite nearly enough as I would have liked. Oh well, that’s something I hope to rectify next month. Until then, happy last Thursday of June 2015!



Anything Goes.

It may be Sunday morning, but it always feels like a Friday night when I listen to my boys (and let’s be honest, that’s the feeling we’re all after on a Sunday). Anyway, it’s been a little while since my favourite country duo played on the blog, so what better way to kiss goodbye to the week than with a fun party tune.

Happy Sunday!



Taraji P. Henson X Allure.

Ms Henson is Allure magazine’s July cover girl, and she is totally rocking it!

Cover girl: Taraji smoulders for Allure's July issue, turning heads in a revealing red number

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you won’t know that Taraji is one of the leads on my favourite show Empire. She plays Cookie Lyon, the matriarch (I don’t like the term but now is neither the time nor place to go into details about it) who has just been released from serving seventeen years in prison. For more details on the show you had better watch it and find out for yourself.

Smoking hot: The Empire star poses in a series of plunging gowns 

I’ve always found her striking and mesmerising, but this cover is just S T U N N I N G. I can’t wait for Empire to come back in September.



Limbo Limbo Limbo.

Truth be told the only thing I’d been listening to this week was Wildflower and Shine Your Light on repeat (such beautiful songs that if you haven’t had a chance to listen to, you really should). That was up until yesterday when I was writing a chapter of my dissertation, and switched to my study music i.e. Jhené Aiko’s Souled Out album. I swear this album has some magical powers because I’m always able to write and get work done whenever I listen to it. Anyway, as I’ve already shared two of my favourite tracks from the album, I thought I’d share another one.

By the way, every song on the album is my favourite so I guess I’ll keep sharing all the songs until I’ve shared the whole album. Happy Sunday.