I’m To Blame.

Finally, my hubby Kip Moore has a new song out and I love it. While I wasn’t a fan of the music video (hence the video below being a lyric video), I loved the cheeky and fun song. Kip’s voice is as beautifully gruff and gravelly as ever and I’ve missed it. I honestly can’t wait for this album to come out. I’ve been waiting since forever! Anyway, enjoy the song.

Happy Sunday!




Can you believe it has genuinely taken me a whole month to blog about this dress? I first wrote about the Maggie back in March when I was astounded at the price compared to a Current/Elliott dress I had my eye. The moment after I had written the post, I purchased the dress, a few days after that, it arrived in the post, but it wasn’t until this past Saturday that I actually wore it out for the first time.


To be honest, when I first tried the dress on I didn’t like it. It was too big, way too long and I just didn’t feel right it in. I went back and forth about a hundred times deciding whether or not to return it, and I’m so glad that I didn’t. While it may have been a bit on the big side trying it on, when I went out and about in it, it didn’t feel as big.

Maggie   Maggie

I really can’t wait for the summer so I can wear this pretty much every day.



NB. I’m wearing a size 8.


Quite possibly THE most emotional song I’ve ever heard in my twenty two years of living, ‘Promises’ by Jhené Aiko is such a beautifully moving song. When I heard it for the first time, I got the biggest lump in my throat and honestly thought I was going to start bawling from how emotional it was. Kind similar to ‘The Color Pink’, this song is dedicated to Aiko’s daughter (who also features on the track – it’s the cutest thing ever!) and it really translate the love a mother has for her child, a love that I will hopefully be able to experience one day.

If you only do one thing today, you HAVE to give this song a listen. Happy Sunday!



Halfway Across Heaven.

“I’ve been planning on flying higher than any plane… I’ve been thinking about adding colours into the rain…”

I’ve rewritten this post about a hundred times but for some strange reason I can’t seem to express my feelings in words. When I heard the first line of this poem I was moved; about halfway through, I was completely transfixed; and by the end, I was in awe and inspired. There really is something about poetry that allows for self-reflexivity, which I believe to not only be a good thing, but a necessary thing. This poem (from San Francisco based poet/musician/totally ripped ;) Semaj) gave me the space to get lost in the words, to feel the rhythm, and to just explore my own mind. It was raw, emotional, beautiful, powerful and magic.

Give this poem a listen and let your mind wander. Check out more from Semaj here.



Blue Tiles.

You know that summer is close when you can run errands without worrying about wearing a jacket, whilst knowing that going out bare-legged may be a little over ambitious.

Blue Tiles


It’s great that the weather has been so nice lately, but knowing Britain it’s only a matter of time before it starts pouring down with rain hahahahahahaha (touch wood it doesn’t…).

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I for one just can’t believe it’s April. Before we know it we’ll be in the full throes of August!



Ashley Inspiration.

I think I might try a middle part that goes as far back as Ashley’s. And, note to self: this is the kind of outfit I need to wear when I’m next at the airport.

And she is off: Ashley Olsen speed through JFK airport as fast as her little loafers could carry her as she touched down in New York on Monday  Singnature style: For her flight, Ashley donned a pair of cropped straight leg pants with a black T-shirt, trench coat and a long black pashmina

This is really random, but I love how it’s nearly 8pm and I can still see my hand without needing to switch the light on.




pictures from The Daily Mail