Five Favourites Thursday: May 2016.

As months go, I think it’s fair to say that this month has been the most challenging in part due to that pesky mercury retrograde (something that I never paid attention to – in fact I always used to think it was all talk and something everybody just threw about as an explanation for life’s hardships), but as we enter that shadow retrograde period, I’m feeling things have calmed down a little bit. Today’s monthly favourites are shows that have managed to distract me and keep me sane during this arduous month.


The show ended in early May, but I held off on watching any episodes until the season was finished so that I could have a marathon weekend. Though the show has ended, I am happy about the spinoff that will focus on Diane and Lucca.


My favourite Persians are back for another season and it’s been interesting seeing how they’ve managed to move on from all the craziness last season (i.e. Reza breaking off his engagement to Adam at the last minute, GG accusing Mike of trying to have sex with her, Mike’s engagement and subsequent marriage to Jessica, the list goes on), as well as seeing the new troubles the gang encounters. I’m excited to see how the series progresses.

The gang looking photo-shopped to within an inch of the lives


I actually only found the latest Housewives installment thanks to Shahs and let me it’s definitely different. This series revolves around the Dallas charity circuit and these ladies are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I haven’t quite found my favourite housewife yet, though Brandi is deffo at the top of my list, but this is definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of the franchise and want to see something new. However, do beware, because I’ve found myself getting ridiculously annoyed at these women for being soooo annoying.

L-R: Cary, Brandi, Stephanie, Leanne, Tiffany


The NYC housewives are back with a new member to the squad, Jules, and so far the season has been very fun and interesting. Compared to the Dallas housewives and to other housewives of the franchise, there’s something more chic, refined (though some of these ladies are anything but) and sophisticated about the New York ladies that really sets them apart from their housewives peers. As usual I’m loving Bethenny, and now that Heather and Kristen have left the show (THANK GOD!!!!), I’m enjoying every episode and taking each drop of drama as it comes.


By this point you can probably tell that I have a soft spot for reality TV and in all honesty it’s one of my favourite genres to watch. In any case, this season focuses on the run up to Morgan and Brendon’s wedding, as well as the introduction of new girl, Bianca, following Roxy’s departure. We’re only a few episodes into the season and (of course!) there’s already been so much DRAMA. It’s been fun to watch, and as I also follow Dorothy and Morgan’s snapchat and instagram’s, it’s been fun finally seeing the stories behind their past uploads.

Another show that’s helped me through this tortuous month is Elementary which finished a few weeks ago. I loved that unlike last year, the season finished on a good note, so at least that’s one less thing I have to stress about. I’m also looking forward to the Orange County housewives that should be returning very soon! If any of these take your fancy, make sure you check them out. I hope this retrograde was more forgiving for you guys! Happy Thursday.



The Skies Will Break.

Something tells me I’m going to be sharing practically every Corinne Bailey Ray song for the next couple of months. There’s just something so enticing and dreamy about her voice that makes me want to listen to her on repeat for days on end – and today’s Soundtrack is no different. Though not one of my favourites, I find this song uplifting, dreamy and perfect if you’re looking for something to daydream your life away to, and let’s be honest, on a Sunday that’s exactly the kind of music you’re looking to listen to.

Happy Sunday.



Red Jumbo Cardigan.

When my sister brought this cardigan home for the first time, I knew it was an item I was going to get my share of wears out of and it didn’t take long for it to find itself amongst my possessions. If you can’t tell from the pictures, it’s cosy and chunky and thick and beautiful. Around the time these pictures were taken, although it was warm enough to go without a coat or jacket, it was still cold enough for you to freeze if you went out without mildly thick sleeves – don’t you just hate that kind of weather? – so I was in need of something long sleeved and warm to go over my dress.

Red Jumbo Cardigan    Red Jumbo Cardigan

Even though I’m not really a fan of wearing black with other colours, I made an exception with this outfit because I loved the cardigan so much.



Stop Where You Are.

It feels like I haven’t been so moved by a song in the longest time. Corinne’s voice perfectly captures and embodies that glimmer of hope we all look for in our darkest times. And that’s what this song truly is: four minutes of a glimmer of hope, that will cause a swell of emotion inside you (if you’re going through a rough patch), and will make you look at life a little differently – or at the very least will give you a serious case of the goosebumps.

Give this song a listen and see how you feel afterwards. Happy Sunday.



Wednesday Pick-Me-Up.

When life gets you down it’s best to distract yourself with frivolous things that are sure you make you feel better, even if it is only for a moment or two. For me, net-a-porter is always the first place I turn to whenever I’m feeling sad, and I can easily spend hours over an hour perusing the site and adding new pieces to my wish list. so today, in an attempt to help stop myself from feeling too down in the dumps, I’m sharing some of my latest faves from net-a-ports.







Styling Suggestion






Thank you net-a-porter for always making me feel that little bit better. You can see what else is new to net-a-porter here.



Jack Wills Girl.

Wow it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a post like this. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when I met up with some friends and tried Five Guys for the first time – and let me tell you now it was the greatest food experience of my whole entire life and I wish I had taken pictures so that I could have shared them on here and gushed about how great Five Guys is… but alas, I guess I’ll have to keep that for another time…

Jack Wills Loving

Sweater: Jack Wills; Jeans: Topshop; Bag: Longchamp; Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. [Not pictured – Sunglasses: TOMS; Sneakers: Superga]

Anyway back to the outfit. My brother bought me this sweater a while back and I’ve been loving wearing it both in and outside of the house. If you know me well enough you’ll know how obsessed much I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Jack Wills and can’t step foot into a store without buying everything in sight. It’s really cute and comfy and goes just as well with my Nike shorts as it does with a pair of ripped jeans.

Jack Wills Loving    Jack Wills Loving

And once again I took this pictures on my way to meet my friend, to see what I looked like as I didn’t have enough time to check myself out in the mirror before I left the house.