Basic Burch

For many, September marks the beginning of the new academic term; which usually means getting a new wardrobe stocked with the latest fall trends. While finding a pair of jeans or a chiffon blouse is a piece of cake, the shoes are always tricky, because they are EVERYTHING and are the ULTIMATE accessory.

Heels are typically no-brainers, but when it comes to flats, panic almost always ensues. “How can I still look chic without being six feet off the ground?”, usually rings through the minds of many as they search for the perfect flat.

Well search no more. When it comes to flats, Tory Burch holds the key and solution to this problem with her Reva flat that is both basic and VERY chic. The popular flat, named after her mother, is an easy slip on shoe that comes in different colours and textures, so you can’t go wrong. From patent leather to leopard print to sparkling glitter, Reva has something for you, and features Burch’s signature iconic T logo, keeping it classic.

Keep ahead of the fall trend and go back to basics in a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats.

Tory Burch          Tory Burch          Tory Burch,default,sc.html





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