Five Favourites Thursday

Since before I can even remember Thursday has ALWAYS been my favourite day of the week. I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s the way it sounds or maybe something to do with Thor, the god of thunder (and ancient mythology has always interested me). It’s kind of funny then that I was actually born on a Tuesday, I mean how the hell does that make any sense? Anyway, since Thursday has always been a favourite of mine, I thought it’d be a cool idea to make Thursday my “Five Favourites Thursday” where I write about my most recent loves. (This then sort of makes it a little ironic that this gets posted on a Friday… AWKWARD…)

1. I wrote a post about Tory Burch on Tuesday, so I think it seems fitting that I start there. I have LOVED Tory’s line for a while now and I have been OBSESSING about her Reva flat for long enough. My favourite has got to be the leopard print version, made from calf-hair and totally luxe chic. They go with every outfit and allow you to make the most of a casual look. Go Parisian chic and wear with a pair of black cigarette pants and a striped top, or go casual chic with a pair of leggings and a loose-fitting top.

Tory Burch 

2. I am in NO way an accessories kind of girl and you’re not likely to find me writing about it – unless it is TO DIE. In this case, Yves Saint Laurent has totally killed it with this Arty gold-plated glass ring. I look at this ring and think that I have got to get it. Funnily enough, I bought a similar one from h&m a few years ago and wore it to death (probably why I fell head over heels for the real deal). Dress it up with some dark, sexy and VERY form-fitting for a night out; or dress it down with a pencil skirt and shirt for work.

Yves Saint Laurent 

3. I have ALWAYS championed the cardigan coat. Why wear something bulky and still that you have to keep putting on and taking off when you can just wear something light and simple, and have peace of mind? Thank god for the cardi-coat that has been sweeping the nation and making me feel more comfortable for not owning a coat. Warm and perfect for going out or staying in, this Sandro Gravure knit cardi-coat is perfect and adds that little bit of spicy comfort, with its colourful stripes and snowflake like design. Go for a seventies look with flared jeans and a chiffon pussy-bow blouse or update for modern times and wear with some skinny jeans.


4. Victoria Beckham is making the rounds with her new handbags and looking at them I can definitely see what all the commotion is about. (I LOVE LOVE LOVE her, so I’ll try not to be biased.) The aptly named Victoria, is perfectly structured for the working woman who wants that extra bit of luxury, the woman who just wants to blow her whole pay check, or the woman who even wants to have a killer shopping tote. Victoria Beckham caters to the woman in all of us who want nothing more than some super stylish arm candy.

Victoria Beckham   Victoria Beckham    Victoria Beckham 

5. Rachel Zoe is EVERYTHING. Stylish, beautiful, crazy creative and inspirational, there’s little to hate about the woman (apart from the fact that she has the life most people could only wish for). Her reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project” brings Rachel forward and shows the audience and viewers at home what it takes to thrive in the world of fashion (or in her case, the world of Rachel). It shows the behind-the-scene things that the tabloids DON’T write about, and if you didn’t already, it makes you see her as a REAL person and love her even more. Back for a fourth series, it is definitely the only thing you should be watching, no matter where you are.


Until next Thursday’s Five Favourites.




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