‘Tis the Season to Get Uggly

Winter. The season best known for catching colds, getting cold toes and wearing snugly knits. Also known as my favourite time of year (except for autumn).

Despite the colder temperatures, winter is the perfect season to be SUPER STYLISH. Think thick cable knit J Crew sweaters, big oversized cardigans and shearling jackets, not to mention leather riding boots.

J.Crew WOMEN Fair Isle Cardigan (Long Sleeve) Vince Image 1 of ASOS COCO Leather Riding Boot


One way I love to stay warm is by wearing UGG boots. Made from 100% sheepskin there is no better way to keep the chill from my toes during winter. After wearing my UGGs for almost two years, they have been worn down so much that the soles are bald, there are large holes and the sheepskin is showing at the sides. This, I think, shows their endurance as well as being able to weather fashion storms and still be a MAJOR wardrobe staple.

Ugg australia Classic short boot Chestnut Ugg australia Classic short boot Black  Ugg australia Classic short boot Grey  Ugg australia Classic short boot Chocolate


Unfortunately, UGGs are not loved by everyone, with many thinking they look ugly, and many more thinking they are not fashionable at all. My simple reply; you do not know what you are missing.

Wear with skinny jeans or leggings and an oversized cable knit jumper for a casual day look; or why not mix things up and wear with a mini dress and black tights for those cold days. OR if you’re never seen outside your home without a pair of six inch heels, why not reserve your UGGs for home and keep extra snugly behind closed doors.

Yesterday I ordered a new pair of black UGG boots as replacements for my old ones and I cannot wait to have another few years of foot comfort.







Keep things Uggly this winter,




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