So Bite Me:- A Meaty Pasta Bake.

I’ll admit that I am no queen of the kitchen. In fact in recent months, I’ve burnt almost every single meal, broken two pans, and made some (questionable) meals. But if there’s one area that I totally rock at, it’s with the Italian dishes. I am proud to say (sorry for sounding a little big headed) that I am THE queen of the lasagne (I’ve won a best lasagne competition!)! Feeling confident in my lasagne skills, I felt it was time to branch out to a pasta bake. The pasta bake is a really simple meal yet puts a twist to the boring pasta meal.

What you’ll need:


Two regular sized pans

A good sized dish that can go in the oven

A large spoon or a good stirring utensil

Chopping board

Sharp knife

Grater (depending on whether or not you cheese is already grated)


Pasta (use the oven dish as a guide to how much pasta you want to use)

Pasta sauce


Sausages (already cooked)


Cheese (preferably already grated)


Turn on the hob.

Pour a splash of oil into one of the pans then add the mince.

Take your sausages and cut them up into small chunks.

When the mince is brown, add the sausage chunks and the pasta sauce, and wait for the sauce to begin to bubble slightly.

Pour your desired amount of pasta into the other pan and add water.

When the pasta is boiled, pour it into the other pan and mix all of the ingredients together.

Add the grated cheese or grate cheese into the mixture, and then mix that in as well.

Turn on the oven to 200°c.

Pour the pasta mixture into your oven dish and grate more cheese or sprinkle your grated cheese on top of the pasta mixture.

Place your dish in the oven, on the middle shelf and bake for 20 minutes.

When your pasta is baked, take it out of the oven and leave it to stand for a few minutes, or serve it hot.

*please excuse my camera


Serving suggestion:

Add a lovely salad, small boiled potatoes and vegetables on the side.

NB. Like most recipes, some of the ingredients can be changed, so if you want to make a vegetarian version, just replace the meat with a Quorn or vegetarian substitute. As well as this, you can add other things to the sauce and flavour the pasta as you like.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. It’s the first one I’ve EVER written, so please leave me a comment of how I can improve it, or if it worked well for you.




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