The Key(fob) to Love.

In a few months I’ll be moving in with my three best friends and I am so BE-YOND excited to be living with my gals. I’m so excited I can feel myself about to go off on a tangent about how excited I am and about how much I love my friends – (just for the record, I love my friends so much they have become like my sisters, and I seriously cannot wait for us all to live together) – okay, love fest over.

So anyway, you know what they say about the devil’s in the detail? Well they couldn’t be more right. Since I’ll be moving into a new house, it means I’ll be on the lookout for the ultimate accessory. Forget about furniture and crockery (which I’m sure will most definitely come in handy), I’m talking smaller. I’m going to need to carry my brand new house keys in style ;). Here are a pick of my favourite key fobs.


I’ve had my eyes on this particular key fob for quite some time, and if it wasn’t for the £90 price tag, I would probably have snapped it up by now. Price aside, what’s not to love about this gold-tone brass key fob with a ‘love’ charm, reminiscent of Louise from St. Louis’ ‘love’ key fob in Sex and the City. With this key fob, love will always be around.

Yves Saint Laurent 


This locket and vegetable key fob is for the inner gardener or farmer. Adorned in multi-coloured vegetables and a gold lockets, this key fob hints at a rural Italy (the home of the designers) and feels fresh, yet understated.

Dolce & Gabbana 


Fall in love every time you reach for you keys with this ruby red textured-leather key fob, with two smaller gold-tone love hearts. I’m not really a fan of leather accessories like key fobs, but even this one managed to warm my heart.



Cath Kidston is known for its cutesy floral design and simple elegance, and these key fobs do not disappoint. With three different designs to choose from (or why not just get all three?) you’ll evoke a sense of the English countryside style and still have chic keys.

Image 1 of Cath Kidston Enamel Key Ring    Image 1 of Cath Kidston Enamel Key Ring    Image 1 of Cath Kidston Enamel Key Ring

Check back over the next couple of months to see how the move is going on as well as inspiration for the home and some of my purchases.




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