She’s Hit.

Today is my lazy hang-out-on-the-sofa-listen-to-music-in-leggings-a-long-sleeved-tee-and-granny-cardigan-then-have-a-movie-night day, so as you can imagine the only place I’ll be heading to today is the kitchen (or more specifically to the fridge/cupboard).

Slumming it in: leggings - TU; long sleeved tee - H&M; cardgian - H&M

Slumming it in: boots - Ugg Australia

My sister on the other hand has a much more productive day. She’ll be out on the town with friends tonight for a birthday, and whilst I may not be there to snap pictures of what I’m sure will be a fabulously cool outfit, I thought I’d post what she’s wearing to her friend’s house to get ready. As usual my sister is nothing less than rock chic, with her spiked boots (that spiked my leg this afternoon), worn leather jacket and bad-ass black bandana.



Jeans – H&M

Patterned shirt – charity shop

Boots – from a friend but personally customized with spikes

Bandana – hair shop

Jacket – ASOS

Coat – charity shop

Mp3 – Apple iPod Touch

I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that she’s become something of a muse for me and I love looking forward to seeing what she’s wearing. Be sure to check her music blog and check back here to see what else she’s rocking.




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