Monday Sunshine.

Finally! A day without rain! I was so happy last night when I checked the weather forecast for the coming week and found that it’d be sunny (and hot) today with highs of 16°c, especially after the torrential rains of last week. I decided that because the chances of it staying nice and warm (with NO rain) were pretty slim, it was best for me to make the most out of the wonderful weather. I opted for neutral summery colours, topped off with my burnt burgundy cardigan to fend off any chills (you can never be too careful), and headed to the library to get started on some much needed work. Let me know what you think.


Trousers – Uniqlo

Sweater – Uniqlo

Cardigan – H&M

Shoes – TOMS

Sunglasses – TOMS

Bag – River Island

What did you get up to today? But most importantly, what were you wearing? I’m hoping for a lovely rest of the week. Happy Monday.




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