One Vintage.

What I love most about fashion is that it gives one room to grow as a person and allows one to develop their own style and taste. This can most definitely be said about myself, especially when it comes to some of my new favourite designers; first with Chloé and now with One Vintage.

I can remember browsing net-a-porter for years and seeing One Vintage, week after week being sold out (almost instantaneously) and wondering: “What is it with this brand? The clothes aren’t particularly nice”. In fact, it wasn’t until really recently that I actually looked at One Vintage and saw why it sold out week after week. The clothes have a vintage (kind of goes without saying but I’m a little slow sometimes) feel, something that I’m not a big fan of, yet they resonate so well with modern day fashion.

The brand was magically brought to life by Marcelle Symons, who was a partner in Paul & Joe UK, before leaving to set up her own business and developing her own boutique D&Me. Symons works with a team of specialist seamstresses to breathe new life into these totally original vintage designs.

What makes these garments so perfect and desirable is because they are reworked from vintage dresses and are truly one of a kind, right down to the one-size-fits-all styling. Dress them or down with basic flats or killer stilettos, the pieces are perfect for any occasion and can be worn with flared jeans or a cropped pant.

One Vintage     One Vintage     One Vintage     One Vintage 


Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. If you’re not a big fan of One Vintage now, just give it time, I know you’ll come around, just like I did.



p.s. you’d better have your check book ready if you want to purchase anything, but they are all most definitely worth every penny. Oh, and if you’re looking on net-a-porter, be prepared for most of the pieces to be sold out.


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