Summer Whites: Parallel Prices.

Recently I’ve been obsessing over some seriously awesome designer duds (just refer back to my endless mentions about the Valentino D-framed sunglasses that I can’t get enough of) and my bank balance has definitely been feeling the pinch. Seeing that I haven’t done one of these posts in a long time I thought it’d be nice to give my card a little rest and look for similar designs but for alternative prices.


Lately I have been going crazy about J. Crew. They have the preppy, laid back, chic look down to a T and make simple dressing all the more easier; and this white hologram bouclé-tweed jacket is no exception. The short sleeves make it ideal for those warm summer days when you want to wear a jacket but not boil. I’d wear with J. Crew leather Cece flats, skinny jeans and a loose tee for effortless summer chic.


Styling Suggestion:

J Brand Denim     Chinti and Parker     J.Crew 

Parallel Prices:


ASOS PETITE have a similar version, that although is not white, has the same appeal with its cutesy and girly pink piping. The sleeves are a little shorter than the Hologram, but what the hey? Even more reasons to buy if it means you’ll be looking cute all summer. I imagine it’d be a bit thinner than the Hologram as well, but I think that’s a major bonus. This one also has the option of coming in a suit, so go matching this summer and team with a bright top.

ASOS PETIITE Exclusive Premium Suit Jacket With Neon Detail



There are no words to describe how cool and fun these tees are with their sequinned initials on the front. I love how simple yet blindingly obvious these designs are and wonder why I haven’t seen these anywhere else. Choose the letter you want to wear and team with a mini skirt or skinny jeans for an equally simple, cool and fun look.

Markus Lupfer 

Styling Suggestion:

Aubin & Wills 

Parallel Prices:

Or, if you’d rather not spend £45 on an initialled tee why not get a little creative and make your own. Simply buy a plain white tee and patches (John Lewis have a healthy selection both online and in store) and sew your own unique patch. Markus Lupfer also sells his patches separately for £15 if you still want a bit of sparkle.

Markus Lupfer     Image 1 of ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt    



I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Isabel Marant and the way she does Parisian chic! This cropped lace top is both easy and wearable, keeping your outfit fun and effortless. Team it with a vest and shorts and you’ll be ready for summer, the Parisian way.

Isabel Marant 

Styling Suggestion:

J.Crew     Étoile Isabel Marant 

Parallel Prices:


When I found this top I knew it was the epitome of Parallel Prices. The design is so similar to the Marant that you’d have to look pretty damn closely to spot any major differences. Sure the overall design is a little boxy and roomy and the lace design doesn’t have an Aztec appeal to it, it works as a pretty close double. At £30 it’s definitely a massive saving from the £645 Loz cropped top.

Image 1 of Vila Lace Oversized Top


With summer coming up, you don’t want to blow the bank just yet, but you want to start preparing for those hot months. Why not do both and shop my Parallel Prices? Let me know what you think and happy Bank Holiday Monday!





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