Bags of Glory.

I am on the lookout for a new bag. I think that for a normal person, looking for a new bag is pretty straight forward: you see a design that you like, perhaps frown at the price a little, then make the purchase official (either in store or online). But for me, looking for a new bag is something that takes longer that it should, and is in no way straightforward. Why is this you ask? Well I am very finicky when it comes to bags. I don’t like buckles, tassels, certain types of leather, zips, interior pockets (with/without zips), fabric lining… the list could really go on. My type of bag is simple, kind of plain and to the point. Unfortunately, designers and most shops do not share this philosophy, so I spend most of my time lusting after ridiculously expensive bags (that seem to get what I look for in a bag), and carrying the same bag for years. That being said, I have recently come across some pretty awesome bags that I think could make the cut. Here are a pick of my favourites.


I saw this bag earlier today when I was doing my daily scroll through blogs. This bag is big, which is definitely the first thing I look for when starting my quest for a new bag. The colour is also perfect because it’s not a boring black, but at the same time it’s not too ‘out there’ and still looks pretty versatile. I would remove the long strap and force it into the depths of hell (I’m not a big fan of detachable straps/ long straps in general) then wear with skinny jeans, a Breton striped sweater and a simple pair of flats. This bag is also available in black and two-toned red and brown.

Styling Suggestion:

WOMEN Super Skinny Fit Jeans B    Aubin & Wills     Converse 


This bag is actually on my list of things to buy (god I’ve got such a long list) and hopefully I’ll be toting this baby around by the end of summer. I love the ‘big yet small’ design of the bag which makes it perfect for work and play (another thing I like in a bag). Just looking at that grained calf leather makes me think of how happy I’d be to run my hands over it non-stop all day; and the brass hardware really finishes it off. Yes it has zips, but I’m willing to overlook that because the overall product is to die! I’d wear with a shirt tucked into a pair of coloured chinos and pretty flats or heels. This bag is available in clay grey, marine and mink.

Prada Tote

Styling Suggestion:

WOMEN Extra Fine Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt    WOMEN Colour Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans    Tory Burch     ASOS PIPPA Platform Court Shoes


For those girls dreaming of a Chanel bag, this right here is the next best thing, and believe when I say there is something about this bag that I just can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s its rock and roll vibe with what looks like brass bottle caps, and dreamy quilted leather; or maybe it’s the classic leather and brass adjustable chain straps that leave me in heaven. Whatever it is, I’m not complaining – great bags are just so hard to come by. The bag is a little smaller than I’d like, but that’s what makes it all the more perfect for nights out with the girls or for a date. I would wear with a cute dress and platforms.


Styling Suggestion:

Sandro     Christian Louboutin 


I first wrote about this bag in Friday Blues, so I’ll try not to repeat myself. I love the fact that this bag is black, oversized and from The Row. I also love the fact that that strap is detachable (goodbye strap…again) so I won’t have to worry about tucking it into the bag. Unfortunately, it’ll be a VERY long while before I’ll be able to call this mine, but perhaps fortunately, it looks a little like the black version of the Zara bag above, so I know where to look if I want a much cheaper alternative. I would dress this bag down and make is very casual by teaming it with a pair of rolled up skinny jeans, a loose long-sleeved tee and a pair of comfy flats.

The Row 

Styling Suggestion:

James Perse     Oatmeal Herringbone Women's Classics    WOMEN Slim Fit Chino Trousers A

My kind of bag:


If only all bags looked like this. The Le Pliage is the perfect bag for simplicity with its clean lines and subtle touches. The thing I love most about this bag is that it only has one zip, which is done beautifully and finished brilliantly with the brand stamped logo; the main compartment is MASSIVE and the small compartment is the perfect size for keys, lip balm, a phone, and practically anything reasonably small. I bought a navy one for my mum last year for her birthday and she loved it, my friend also got an orange one, making me want to buy another one. I’d wear with a mini skirt and flats or heels to take me from day to night.

Handbag Le Pliage

Styling Suggestion:

    DAY Birger et Mikkelsen     

What kind of bags do you like? Are you as picky as I am? Let me know what you think and perhaps let me know what your bag selection process is like.




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