The Lazy Tee.

The t-shirt is probably one of THE greatest garments ever invented. The simplicity of the design is both original and unique even if it doesn’t look it, and just boasts versatility. Not only can a simple tee be the perfect thing to laze around the house in, but it can dress up bedazzled skirts, dress down tailored pants and ooze sex appeal. A plain tee can also build fashion empires (just look to The Row if you don’t believe me) and inspire a band name (Plain White T’s).

More recently, the lazy tee has seen a rise amongst high street and high end designers alike; with the likes of The Row, Kain, Chinti and Parker, American Apparel and many, MANY more doing their own take on the wardrobe staple and classic.

Here are a pick of some of my favourites.

The Row     The Row     The Row     Helmut Lang     rag & bone JEAN     Kain     James Perse     Chinti and Parker         


I love tees because they offer comfort, style and are so easy to wear. I hope you like the post and let me know what you think.





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