Bethenny Ever After: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.

Bethenny Frankel is BACK. I know that Bethenny has been back for a while now, in fact, one might even argue she never left. Her brand has been growing from strength to strength since the sale of her Skinny Girl cocktail line in 2011, as well as the sale of books, skincare and much, much more.

The latest Bethenny Ever After may have recently finished over in the States (and I’m not too sure when it’ll start showing here in England), but after reading yet another Bethenny article this morning, I decided I had waited long enough, and that it was time I watched the series.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems acts as the perfect series opener and prepares the viewer for what will be an eventful series, picking up where Skinny on the Skinny (aka the last episode of the last series, for those of you who are not familiar) left off. Bethenny’s year has been very successful, but her success shows no signs of slowing down, aptly seen in her cramped apartment with nine women and only one Jason (poor guy); and an assistant having to set up an office space out in the hallway, while the actual office is literally bursting at the seams! The episode also sees the introduction of Skinny Girl Sangria, her second line of cocktails, as well as some old faces like Nick the food blogger and Shawn the event planner (who looked BEYOND relieved to not have planned the event. If you don’t believe me, just see how stressed he was in the first two series’ when he was planning). The viewer also gets a glimpse at the pre-renovated apartment and the early cracks between Bethenny and Jason, which has been subject to talk and gossip over the past couple of months.

What I liked most:

Did I mention that Bethenny was back?


I loved seeing Bethenny’s loud personality again after a few months, and it was so refreshing to hear her laugh again. It was also very interesting to see just how high Bethenny’s star has actually risen, especially when she walks into restaurants and you can literally see every head in the room turn to gawp and snap pictures on their camera phones, while she obliviously sits down laughing and joking with her friends. I also love Bethenny’s honesty, something that (I think) has drawn the masses to her over the years. She’s not afraid to breakdown, cry scream or talk into a toy phone whilst her husband is trying to make a serious phone call, and most definitely admits to her short-comings (something that I think she does a little TOO often, and something that I think she needs to seriously start cutting herself some slack every once in a while).

who else can turn heads when they walk into a restaurant?


Let me know what you think. Have you already watched the latest series? If so, what did you think about it? Are you a fan of Bethenny (and don’t say you haven’t heard of her, she’s practically a household name by now ;))? I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series.





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