Working Girl Pt. 2.

Today was my first day at work (it feels so weird saying that) and I’m not going to lie, it was very surreal. True to form, I felt lost, confused, totally out of my depth, and there was a part of me (the teeniest bit) that wanted to be at home lying on the sofa watching movies and TV shows; and was glad that this wasn’t a permanent position. It was a long day so I was beyond relieved that my journey home lasted no time at all and before I knew it, I was back on my usual spot on the sofa.

finally back where I belong 😉

Despite the awkwardness of the day, there were some good parts. For starters, I’m pretty sure Mat Kearney had a change of careers, either that or he’s been working extra time on both sides of the pond, because working alongside me in the store was his doppelgänger (swoon), and I have to say he was the first thing that stuck out to me today. Then to top it all off, the store played my favourite songs from Mat’s recent album (Young Love), Ships in the Night, and I couldn’t help but sing along to the words. Another great thing was organising the racks and rearranging the hangers (weird things really please me ahaha), and being surrounded by such amazing pieces, giving me an even bigger appreciation for fashion and high-end designer brands. I also loved how most of the music that was played in store, sounded like it came from my iPod 😀 which was very comforting.

The store was rather tame, but going by what I’ve been hearing, something tells me that tomorrow won’t be as peachy. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the sale, which I’m told, brings all sorts of people arguing over clothes, manic chaos and one hell of a tidying-up job.

Today’s outfit was primarily courtesy of H&M who seem to have so much black stuff (it would be worrying if it wasn’t so darn convenient for me), as well as knowing how to look work-appropriate but comfortable.

the pocket was surprisingly spacious

Skirt – H&M

Shirt – H&M

Loafers – H&M

Boots  (aka THE ugliest footwear in the universe)– from a catulougue

Coat – Uniqlo

Pashmina – a present

Bag – Longchamp

Nails – Barry M Peach Melba


Sweats – Uniqlo

Tee – Jean Lupe


I start a little later tomorrow, so I think I’ll indulge in some food while I relax and think about (dare I say) tomorrow. Hope you all had a great day and here’s to a goodnight’s sleep!






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