Working Girl Pt. 3.

I haven’t been able to post since Tuesday because I’ve finished at 9pm (well at least that’s what my rota says, but you know how these things tend to overrun, meaning I’ve finished later than 9pm) meaning that I don’t get home until very late, at which time it takes so much effort just to peel off my clothes and collapse into bed with aching, sore feet. Today however I finished early so I’m going to get you all up to speed on what work has been like. And I apologise in advance for all the blog updates.

On Wednesday I was put on the fitting rooms, with another girl called Zoe, which made such a change from Tuesday when I was just sort of wandering around the floor, picking things up, putting them back in hangers and just generally making sure the store floor was looking good. Being on the fitting rooms really kept us on our feet, what with people leaving all the clothes they didn’t want, on the seats, inside out and sometimes even crumpled on the floor in heaps. I have to say (I know I’m such a freak already) that I really enjoyed picking up the clothes and having to sort through them and putting them back into their hangers then putting them back where they belong, so I didn’t mind one bit that the fitting rooms were always kind of messed. Whilst I was working on the fitting rooms, a woman and I bonded over a navy Lanvin raffia shift dress, which she wasn’t sure she wanted. Despite my hardest to convince her, she opted to leave the dress for another lucky woman (deep DEEP down I wish I would be that lucky woman – a girl can dream…). She was so nice and sweet, and meeting her was probably one of the highs of my day.

Wednesday also happened to be the first day of the sale, and in spite of all I had heard about it, it was considerately tame and kind of like Tuesday. Although I have to admit that towards the end of the evening (my shift finished at 9pm) the fitting rooms were manic! If I were to say I was swarmed (by this time Zoe’s shift had ended and she had already left), that would most definitely be an understatement! There were people left, right and centre wanting to use the fitting room, and there wasn’t enough time for me to empty them out and reorganise the clothes. As well as that, as it was only my second day, I was still a little unsure of where all the clothes went, so I was a little stuck on what to do with some of the pieces – especially the denim!

All the craziness of the fitting room aside Wednesday was a good day (at least much better than Tuesday had been for me). I found my way to Hyde Park for lunch, and enjoyed my chicken and sweet corn sandwich whilst people around me jogged and cycled.

The skirt I had worn on Tuesday, although very practically, was not entirely comfortable so on Wednesday I opted for some cropped trousers instead.

Cropped trousers – ASOS

Shirt – H&M

Flats – TOMS

Loafers – H&M

Scarf – Avon

Coat – Uniqlo

Bag – Longchamp


My feet were hurting so badly by the end of the day, even after changing from the loafers into my TOMS; I was relieved to curl up into bed, messaging them as I fell asleep.





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