Working Girl Pt. 5.

Today was by far the most relaxed day in terms of the fitting rooms (which I was working on from the beginning of my shift until lunch and then again after my break), which I is a plus considering that today was supposed to be my day off. Even though it’s only logical, I feel that out of all of the days I’ve been working, today has definitely been the best in terms of knowing where exactly I’m going (and where to send customers in need of help) and what I’m supposed to be doing. I also felt a whole lot more confident when putting the clothes back on the racks and feeling more comfortable walking around the whole floor as opposed to just staying where I’m supposed to be stationed.

Funnily enough I feel as though I spent most of the day hiding from my assistant manager because when I had asked her on Tuesday about switching my day off from Friday to Sunday, she had pretty much said no, but then I had managed to get my day off switched yesterday when I asked my manager; and I was kind of worried that my assistant manager would think I had gone above her. That being said, my assistant manager (and everyone else) is so nice and welcoming, although I’m slightly paranoid they think I’m quite a freak. It probably doesn’t help that when I’m not smiling, I look like I want to kill myself, and that for most of the time when I’m walking around the shop floor, I must look incredibly lost; and the fact that they always ask if I’m okay. To keep my paranoia at bay I’m just going to say that they’re being friendly, and not worried I’ll slit my wrists in the bathroom on my next break…

Having been sat in Hyde Park for the third day in a row, it’s fair to say there are LOTS of people who prefer to spend their own lunch breaks running and cycling. I noticed a woman who was jogging so slowly in the distance and for a second (okay, several if I’m honest) I thought that reality has slowed down to slow motion. I was so glad that it had stopped raining just before my lunch break at 12 because it meant I got to enjoy my lunch in the sun in Hyde Park.

Now I know I’ve been complaining a lot about this, but my feet! Oh god my poor, poor feet. Something needs to be done but I’m not sure what. okay, actually I just think I need new shoes, but by the time I’ve left work (it feels so strange saying that) everywhere is closed, and if I’m quite honest, the last thing I want to be doing is walking around another shop looking for shoes, whilst my feet silently bleed to death. I’m also almost 10000% certain that after these two weeks of working, I’m going to need foot surgery or something because my feet really do feel like ruined them. but I guess that on the brightside, after my brother dragged me from the comfort of my bed (where my feet were resting peacefully), I did purchase (well he did ahaha) some feet gel things, which I’ll try out tomorrow and hopefully they’ll work and you know I’ll keep you informed on my feet problems.

Also, really weirdly (and randomly), last night I had the strangest dream ever! It was so weird that I woke up this morning really worried about Britney Spears, so in my own efforts to calm myself, and as an ode the Princess of Pop, I spent the whole day listening to her songs. Coincidently, one of her songs also came on in store today, so it looks as though I wasn’t the only one thinking of her today.

Today I returned to the black skirt I wore on Tuesday and surprisingly today it was a lot more comfortable than it had been on Tuesday and it felt perfect (although not as great as the dress). Today I decided to experiment with some trainers to see how my feet would fare, and to be honest I can’t say that my feet felt any different when I was coming home from work (my feet were still the same amount of painful as on the other days), but I did love walking in my trainers in the morning.

Skirt – H&M

Shirt – H&M

Trainers – Asics

Coat – Uniqlo

Bag – Longchamp

Loafers – H&M


Ahh, I’m finally up to date and I can’t wait to see what else happens in the next six days. I will most definitely keep you updated and I’ll try my hardest to post every day for the next week. Hope you’ve all had a great few days and I look forward to hearing what you guys think and have to say. Plus I’ve missed reading all of YOUR blogs, so I’ve definitely got a lot of catching up to do.





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