Sunday Shopping.

Today is finally my day off and whilst I said I’d say bed bound today, I lied. I went shopping late this afternoon, but in my defence I went shopping for some more black pieces (although I really want to change my top for a larger size, but I’m not one hundred per cent sure hmm) that would be work appropriate and allow myself a little more variety. I made my way to Uniqlo listening to Pegasus Bridge’s album, While We’re Young, and bought a few things. Sadly I was only able to buy two pieces because I realised just before I was about to leave that I had lost my bank card. I think that secretly in a bid to get me to stop shopping, it ran away laughing cunningly “ahahaha now Alice can’t shop”. Luckily I had a bit of cash on hand to help me out.

Having been wearing all black this week, I wanted to do a complete 360 today, although the colour scheme isn’t exactly exciting, I love the colours for their effortless and comfortable simplicity. I decided on Uggs today because my poor feet need some sort of luxury and they just cannot get enough of the rich sheepskin lining.

Cropped trousers – Uniqlo

Jumper – hand knitted

Boots – Ugg Australia

Sunglasses – TOMS


I’m really toying with the idea of asking if I’d be allowed to wear Uggs on the shop floor, although I have a sneaking suspicion that that idea would get shot down in flames. But anyway, I’m not sure how I’ll spend the rest of my day off, I’m tempted to take a mini nap, so we’ll see. I hope you’re all having great Sundays!





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