Working Girl Pt. 9.

Thursday was also a relatively quiet and calm day on the shop floor, although it wasn’t as quiet as Wednesday and Monday had been. The whole floor (the ladies leisurewear part anyway) got a complete makeover and it kind of felt like the first day all over again because I had to relearn where everything belonged.

I was on fitting rooms and the denim wall on Thursday, which was a nice change to just being on the fitting rooms. The cutest baby (ever!) came to the fitting room with his mother and I couldn’t help but smile and make silly faces at him. I think he liked me because he responded immediately and started grinning back at me and making funny faces. I don’t think his mother liked it too much because she started distracting him with silly faces too, and I felt as though we were both vying for the baby’s attention. Not surprisingly though, his mother won.

I feel I was a lot more chatty and jokey than I had been on Wednesday, and I opened up a bit more talking to my team members. I also got ‘promoted’ as Teni puts it. Apparently I had been pretty good at the denim wall for the past few days that I was officially put on it. I loved being on the denim wall so much and I think I’ve always known that folding things were my calling – and what a plus that I get such a kick out of folding things perfectly! I think I was most definitely made for retail, despite some of my first day apprehensions.

Towards the end of the evening, I was sent to help out with beachwear, who were a staff member down, which has a VERY different pace and atmosphere to leisurewear. Every time I’m in beachwear (aside from the times I’m filled with dread that they’ll give me a large pile sky high of leisurewear garments to go back) I want to put on one of their bikinis and lounge on the beach with a pina colada in hand. It really is so heavenly in there and time seems to somehow stand still.

I’m not sure how I’m doing it, but I somehow also managed to break the till again on Thursday. But I think to be completely honest; I’m not really all that surprised that I broke it again, because that’s just something that would happen to me – TWICE!

I spent the day listening to Young the Giant’s album (again). I really can’t get enough of it and I’ve got loads of their songs stuck on repeat in my head. I really do urge you to give them a listen, especially if you liked Fall Out Boy’s third and fourth albums. Their lyrics are also catchy as well as make for something slightly different to listen to.

The weather although a little dreary, was still quite nice so I ate in Hyde Park again; and it was even nicer because I got to sit on my usual bench. I somehow (although I know how I was able to) forgot my spoon so I had to eat my rice with my fingers. You would think that I’d remember some cutlery every now and again, but no. I seem to always forget something. Oh well, at least the rice was in big chunks so it wasn’t so hard to eat.

Cropped trousers – Uniqlo

Sweater – Uniqlo

Bag – River Island

Boots – Ugg Australia

Coat – Uniqlo

Flats – Topshop





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