Working Girl Pt. 11.

Today has been a nice mellow day, although the fitting rooms, recall, and most of the shop floor in general did get quite crazy, and was looking a little worse for wear. But what can you do? It is the sale season after all.

This morning I really thought that I was going to be late because I left later than I had expected to and because I’ve never properly travelled around London on a Sunday before (shocking I know, especially considering that I’ve lived here for almost 20 years). I wasn’t sure about how the roads or buses would be, but they turned out to be great and I was on time for work today.

A few days ago I discovered that my thumb nail had cracked. Panicking I got a manicure and tried to ignore the problem, that is until last night when I thought “fuck it” and took drastic action. I won’t go into details, but now my thumb looks naked with almost half a nail and it makes me want to gag. Not to mention my nail varnish is so chipped it makes me want to cry. Today my nails were staring me straight in the face for hours on end, and I realised that I should have just removed all my nail varnish last night. Now I think that I’ll have to have another nail detox like I had a few months ago. My nails (my thumb in particular) resemble that of Emily Prentiss’ nails from Criminal Minds. If you’ve watched it, especially the episode in which she ‘dies’, you’ll know what I mean when I say they look disgustingly criminal!

Yesterday I was explaining how sad I was to be finishing this temporary job and how much I would miss everyone, and how much fun I had. Well it looks as though I spoke too soon because this morning I found out that tomorrow is in fact my last day, and not today – my wishes were answered. Knowing that I have another day left definitely means making the most out of the last day and making sure that I really squeeze out all the knowledge that I can, and really push myself even further. As you can probably suspect, I’m so thrilled that I have an extra day and can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

This afternoon I ate lunch in the canteen listening to The Vaccines album whilst enjoying some of last nights ‘Roast Dinner’ pasta bake with water and a packet of Oreo cookies. Although the canteen was partially closed, it was so nice just being able to sit down and enjoy my lunch as I browsed through some of my social networks and relaxed before returning to the floor. I have to say that after everything I heard about how last Sunday was so manic, I really expected a crazy day, but it wasn’t as wild as I thought it’d be; although it was definitely livelier than it had been all week.

On my way home, I bumped into my sister who was on her way back from hanging out with friends. It was so nice just walking home in the early evening. She looked amazing as ever, and I really can’t get enough of her long blonde and gold hair. What do you think? I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the curls.

Thinking it was my last day, I figured that wearing a dress would be a great way to end my working time; so I wore my maxi dress but shortened it. I am also so glad that tomorrow is my last day because half way through the day, I couldn’t help but wish I had worn something else instead. I’m still thinking about what I’ll wear, so you guys will find out soon enough.

Dress – H&M

Cardigan – Primark

Flats – TOMS

Bag – River Island

Coat – Uniqlo

Sunglasses – TOMS

My sister:

Jeans – ASOS

Jumper – American Apparel

Coat – charity shop


I’m going to spend the evening fixing my nails and trying not to cry at them, and then maybe watching something. What have you been up to today? Hope you’ve all had great days and happy Sunday!





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