Working Girl Pt. 12.

Hey guys! So today was officially my last day, but there are possible opportunities for future work, so I’ll be keeping my fingers firmly crossed.

I think this may be a relatively short post because not a lot happened today at work, although; Zoe, Ishmael and I did spend a lot of the day giggling, laughing and joking, as well as chatting. I did however miss most of the fun that Zoe and Ismael were having because I was on the denim wall and had to refold the denim as well as putting on some size stickers (but I didn’t mind because I love doing that kind of thing). After Zoe and I left at 7pm, I felt bad that Ishmael would have to take over our job on fitting rooms because there weren’t a lot of people in today; but hopefully tomorrow will see some new temps so he’ll be able to give them a crash course in all things ladies leisurewear and sale, and run them through their paces!

Today I took clothes back to their other departments spread over the different floors of the department store, which was nice because it meant I got to see even more of the store, something I hadn’t done since my induction.

Towards the end of the day, it did get a little sad because it was the feeling of just knowing that it was all over. It was however, at the same time, really nice too because I realised how far I’d come from my first day (sorry to get deep and sentimental but it really is true). I feel that before I started, I was very much tucked away in my small shell, too scared to talk to anyone or ask questions; but then as the time progressed I could feel myself becoming more and more confident – something that I know you’ll be well aware of if you’ve been following me on my Working Girl journey.

I ate lunch in the canteen then realised that Hyde Park was calling my name so I went out after my lunch and sat down enjoying the fresh air. It feels weird that I won’t be going to Hyde Park almost every day, anymore, because these past couple of weeks its really felt like it’s been me and Hyde Park against the world – ahahahhaa – especially being sat on my usual bench (which was taken today :().

On my way home I decided to treat myself to some baked goods from Sainsbury’s because I was STARVING (and because I just love them so damn much!), although I did manage to finish a whole packet of cookies on my way home! I also realised when I was on the bus and too far to go back, that I forgot to clock off when I left work – what am I like?!

In terms of music, I spent the day listening to Pegasus Bridge’s first and last album, While We’re Young, and simultaneously wondering why they fuck they decided to break up. I’m still intrigued to know what a second album would have sounded like, although with ‘the curse of the sophomore album’ looming, maybe it’s good they decided to call it quits. I am a strong supporter of quit while you’re ahead. I felt like the album really corresponded back to my experiences over the past two weeks, in some crazy not quite way.

My look today was very relaxed and pared down, which meant I was comfortable all day long. Also, last night instead of starting the beginnings of my nail detox, I thought ‘what the hey’ and painted them a nice glittery colour to perk up their mood.

Cropped trousers – Uniqlo

Shirt – H&M

Sweater – Uniqlo

Flats – TOMS

Flats – Topshop

Bag – River Island

Sunglasses – TOMS

Nails – Barry M Baby Pink and Pink Iridescent

I’m not sure what I’ll spend my evening doing, probably just thinking back on today and these past few weeks. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a movie night! Hope you’ve all had a great day. I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite songs from the While We’re Young album, so let me know what you think.





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