Yesterday’s Lunch: Egg Fried Rice.

If you read the latest instalment of my Working Girl adventures yesterday, you would have seen that for lunch I had what looked like yellow rice and mixed vegetables.

It was in fact, homemade egg fried rice that took me next to no time to whip up, and I thought I’d share the recipe with you. It’s so easy and taste just like the kind you order from Chinese restaurants, the only difference is that this one is healthier and means the next time you order Chinese, you won’t have to order the rice because you’d have made your own. I’m also going to show you how to make it from scratch, if unlike me, you don’t have already boiled rice ready.

What you’ll need:


Frying pan




One and a half/ two cups of rice

One egg

A few handfuls of frozen mixed vegetables



Pour the dried rice into the pan and fill with water.

Boil the rice until it has the desired texture.

When the rice is boiled, drain any excess water.

Splash a drop of oil into the frying pan.

Put in the desired amount of rice into the frying pan (or all of the boiled rice, depending on how many portions you want to make).

Turn the rice over in the frying pan, with the spatula, making sure to move the rice around the pan.

Crack the egg over the rice.

Mix the egg and rice together thoroughly.

The rice should start to turn a little bit yellow because of the yolk, and you should start to see fried egg pieces mixed in with the rice.

Pour in your frozen mixed vegetables.

Mix the contents of the frying pan.

When the pan starts crackling, you’ll know it’s almost done. Just keep mixing for a few more minutes to make sure the frozen vegetables are heated through and defrosted.


Serving Suggestion:

I put mine into a restaurant food container to give it the appearance of coming from a restaurant. You can also do the same to make it a bit fun. Why not buy a packet of oriental snack selections from any supermarket to serve with the rice.

NB. You can use any kind of rice you like and instead of just adding the vegetables, you can also add small prawns and mushrooms to give the rice some more flavour and variety.


Let me know what you guys think and I hope you enjoy your egg fried rice. I think I might make some more for my lunch today because it’s my day off, and because it’s just so easy to make.




p.s. stay tuned for the next instalment of Working Girl coming soon. Happy Friday!


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