Working Girl Pt. 15.


Today is my day off and for some strange reason I’m awake, instead of being a deep sleep (I guess it doesn’t help that I forgot to switch off my alarm last night, so that could have something to do with it).

I don’t know what it is, but every Sunday I just assume that I’m going to be late because I always miss the bus I think I need. Luckily another bus came about 12 minutes later and we set off to the train station. As I was walking onto the bus I realised that I had the same bus driver from the day before (you can’t beat those shades) so I smiled at him, but then I realised that on Saturday I’d been wearing sunglasses getting onto the bus, so he probably wouldn’t have recognized me anyway because I wasn’t wearing any then. By the time I got to work and to my designated daily locker, I found there was a bag already in there, and I don’t know why but that really FREAKED me out! For a moment I thought I was imagining things, but then I actually touched the bag. Naturally I thought it was a bomb or something (honestly, what the fuck am I like?!) so it took me a few seconds to rationalise and ask a guy who was close by what I should do. I went down to the staff entrance and got a new key before rushing back upstairs and clocking on at 11.28.

Yesterday morning was pretty slow and things didn’t really start to pick up until after I returned from lunch. I spent the morning chatting to some of my other team members and it’s crazy how comfortable and at ease I found it. I think that since turning for these last two weeks, I haven’t felt like the fish out of water temp I had been in my first few weeks starting the job.

I met Zoe a few times before lunch, and because it was a relatively slow day, I think it made things seem not so dull. The canteen was closed so we made our way to Waitrose to get a few bits to eat, where Zoe told me that Louise Redknapp had been on her floor shopping. As I’d already brought my own lunch, I only bought a slice of carrot cake (the one I’d had on Saturday was so damn good I just had to get another) and an elderflower jelly with fresh berries (raspberries and blueberries). I loved the jelly although the berries were really sour, but I think that’s all part of its charm.

Returning back to work, things had picked up a little and there were quite a lot of things to be taken back from the fitting rooms. My new fitting room partner, Nicholas, had done a superb job of arranging things on hangers and into sections, so all I had to do was pick up the clothe laden hangers and run them back to their respective places.

I bumped into a few familiar faces as the day went on and I have to say that I think yesterday was a really good day and I couldn’t help but smile throughout. When I got home, I had a chat with my mum (I say chat but it lasted for a good one hour) then went up to the room I share with my sister and we chatted whilst she worked her way through ASOS and I sat on our clothe mountain eating a peach. I think we were supposed to watch The Bourne Ultimatum but we didn’t. My eyes started getting weary, so we called it a night, chatting ourselves to sleep (but not before being told to keep it down, or to go to the common to keep talking).

It was quite cool yesterday so instead of bringing my coat, I wore my chunky knit cardigan instead, and went back to basics with my trousers and shirt. When I was walking to the bus stop, I wished that I had worn my trainers instead because I love the feel of the spongy air holes beneath my feet and I just love wearing my Asics.

Trousers – ASOS

Shirt – H&M

Cardigan – TU

Shoes – TOMS

Bag – Longchamp

In the morning I listened to The Horrors award winning album, Skying, then on my way home, I listened to Pegasus Bridge. Interestingly, I bumped into my brother who was going for a “run” (I secretly think he was going on a hot date, but under the guise of a run ;)) and we stopped and chatted for a little bit.

Today my sister and I have a few plans, but with the weather like this I wonder if we’ll be able to go ahead with them. What do you have planned for today? I’m going to leave you with my favourite song from Skying so let me know what you think. Have a nice day. Happy Monday!





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