Working Girl Pt. 16.

This post is going to be relatively short because nothing really happened today. It was by far the slowest day I think I’ve ever experienced and I think it gave me an insight into what working at the store permanently could potentially be like. The rush and craziness of the sale appears to have waned and the quiet hum of nothingness has set in.

As most of the ‘interesting’ stuff happened outside of work, I think I’ll start there. This morning, after what felt like zero hours of sleep, I felt like a walking, sweating zombie (with a slightly painful, weird white thing on my lip :(). I don’t know why but I was so hot last night and I think it followed me through to the morning. My shower cooled me down, but that was only momentarily because I seemed to work up such a sweat while I was moisturizing and looking for my outfit today. Then cap it all off, I realised that I had to iron my skirt and sweater, so I trotted off downstairs and ironed them. Weirdly enough, I was in such an ironing mood that I honestly think that I could have stayed ironing for the whole day.

On my way into work I got a call asking if I could come in and work in the lingerie Department. I was kind of confused because I thought I was already working in the Leisurewear department, and so for a second I thought that maybe I had had that all wrong. It certainly wasn’t helped that by the time I got into work and saw my name wasn’t on the rota, I was so convinced that I wasn’t supposed to be there – but it was all good because I was. I later found out that both Teniola and Zoe (I think) had been called as well and asked to come. It would have been great having either of them there, but then I hate to think of how bored they might have been.

My tiredness must have caught up with me because I spent the whole day yawning and crying (that happens when I yawn), and I just wasn’t really up for being very chatty. However, that being said I did talk a little bit with some of my colleagues and found out that two of them had only been there for seven and three months, respectively, and it made me see just how much time flies and how quickly it must be to fit into the group. I also met my other assistant manager who had just returned from six weeks off. She made me get a name tag (something that nobody had noticed), which I realise now, I am kind of grateful for because it meant I had something to do. The name tags are pretty cool by the way. They’re magnetic and I think I prefer them to the ones with safety pins.

Moving on… lunch time was definitely when all the magic happened. After having walked around half of Knightsbridge in the rain, I made my way up to the canteen and sat down at a random table with a random guy. He was nice enough and said hi. I said hi, he asked my name, I told him, and I asked his. He told me, but I forgot – oops! It was silent for a few moments then another woman came and sat down and the guy said hi to her. She ignored him but looked at me worryingly and I couldn’t help but laugh at how awkward and random the whole thing was. The guy started talking again and I replied, while the woman just looked increasingly worried before asking: “have I missed something?” I couldn’t stop giggling, and I think she finally realised that the guy was just being polite because she then sort-of-but-not-quite apologised by saying: “nobody talks to each other so I was really confused”. She soon left the table and I was left with my future husband. I say this because he ticks almost all the boxes of what my future husband requires. For starters, he’s Spanish (HOT), he’s tall, so fucking cute, and I’ll just skip to the point: we’d have such beautiful babies – don’t worry, I’m already aware that I’m slightly unhinged. But anyway, all joking aside, he was really nice and I was kind of sad that I had to return to work because I would have loved to have talked to him some more. Oh wells, all is not lost because I’ll keep my overly keen manscaping eyes peeled or maybe I’ll just ‘wander’ down to the Lower Ground floor someday…

After lunch I was so surprised to see Charlene. I did a double take and for a second I really didn’t recognise her because she was the last person I expected to see. It turned out that she had also been called and asked to work today. I was so surprised, but so happy because it meant that I had someone to go and chat with whenever I got bored (which was often).

I spent the day listening to Fall Out Boy’s last album Folie á Deux and realised that it had actually taken me so long to know they had split up. It’s such a shame because their last album was so good and I could listen to it on repeat forever! Although I must admit that it’s one hell of a way to end such a great run as a bad. On the music note, the store played some new songs *gasp* but I was disappointed that they didn’t play the classic songs they ALWAYS play (aka the really bad ones that get stuck in my head).

just look at that view – LOVES IT!

Today I mixed formal and casual with my outfit. I’m so in love with this sweater and I love how it keeps me warm when the store insists on having the air-con on. And nothing walking in a pair of Asics trainers. It’s like floating on a heavenly trainer-like cloud 🙂


Skirt – H&M

Sweater – Uniqlo

Bag – River Island

Trainers – Asics

Coat – Uniqlo

What did you guys get up to today? I’m working again tomorrow and I really hope that it’s nothing like it was today, otherwise I think I could fall asleep standing up. Anyways, I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite songs from Folie á Deux as well as the song I missed today, so let me know what you think. I’m off to bed (hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight), so goodnight!






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