Working Girl Pt. 18.

My sister wished me a bad day at work this morning, for something I had done to annoy her, and I’ll just say that I got my just desserts because today was by far THE WORST DAY EVER!

For starters, I was late for work and my manager was not very impressed. Luckily I didn’t mind too much and I think he saw that I wasn’t really that bothered, even after he gave me a ‘disappointed’ look and questioned: “why were you late. What happened?” Also given that he had practically called me a spastic yesterday after the seat in one of the fitting rooms had collapsed, it made me giggle a little inside to annoy him by being late (not that I was late on purpose by the way).

The day was so slow and just seemed to drag on and on. It really didn’t help that the customers were so fucking rude. (I’m sorry about the rant that’s about to ensue) I mean, how hard is it to say please and thank you every once in a fucking while? Just because I’m working in retail and I’m stationed on the fitting rooms doesn’t mean I’m your fucking bitch, and I don’t particularly give a shit about how much money you have, because quite frankly it’s not as though you’re buying anything from the new season collections, and it really doesn’t cost anything to be polite! Also, having been working on fitting rooms for almost a month, I’m aware that there are so many nice AND polite people out there who do appreciate you helping them. That being said however, there were a few nice, polite customers who did say please and thank you and didn’t just expect me to go wandering off around the store looking for items.

I got ‘told off’ a few times today because I wasn’t stood out far enough from the fitting rooms and because I kept wandering off to put things back. I had no idea that I wasn’t allowed to leave the fitting post (something that I hadn’t been told about. I couldn’t help think “I’ve been here for weeks and this is the first I’m hearing of this”). My assistant manager also told me not the lean against the rail in case my manager saw because he was walking around. I should have told her that he already insinuated I was a fucking retard, and that I’d already pissed him off a little bit earlier.

During my lunch break I headed out to Waitrose because I was craving their elderflower jelly with fresh fruit, and then I went to Sainsbury’s because I really wanted some white chocolate and raspberry cookies. Sadly they didn’t have any cookies so I opted for some chewy granola slices instead – which were so fucking yum they more than made up for the cookies. I made my way back to the canteen where I ate my lunch of two cheese sandwiches, jelly and water, whilst watching some of the tennis and listening to music. I think the highlight of lunch was seeing Victoria Beckham, who looked immaculate (as always) in a dress from her own collection.

Returning to work was returning back to the rude cunt-stomers, who just left their clothes in messy piles on the seats. I think what pissed me off the most about the fitting rooms (especially after lunch) was that so many people kept asking me for things and asking if I could get them different sizes of certain items – which normally I would have been more than happy to do, but since the new ‘rules’ of not being allowed to leave the fitting rooms, made it so hard just to do my fucking job! I’m sure a few customers got a little moody when I didn’t kneel to their every whim, but it was hard trying to explain to them that my world didn’t revolve around them and that I couldn’t leave my fucking post.

Today was definitely reminiscent of my first day; although I would take it further by saying it was way worse. I think it’s because at least on my first day I was new and didn’t know anyone or anything; but today I’m not longer new, I know a hell of a lot more, but I’m still feeling the same kind of isolation and abandonment. It’s really sad because up until today (perhaps even yesterday) I had been having such a great time and I felt this was an amazing experience. While I still hold some of those same views, I think that maybe I was a little naïve in brushing aside my first day feelings and brandishing them as ‘first day blues’. After today’s experience Thursday really couldn’t come any faster.

Despite all of the negatives of the day, there were a few good bits. I had some nice conversations with some of my team, although after lunch everyone seemed to vanish, but it probably only seemed like that because of my orders. At the end of my shift I took some clothes up and down to different floors and it was nice finally having the freedom to actually move around. I ventured all the way down to Lower Ground to the men’s department to return a shirt and spoke to a woman (who looked like she may have been a manager). I’m not going to lie, she scared me a lot when she demanded why the shirt didn’t have a ticket on it, and it didn’t help that she towered above me like a supermodel glamazon.

It was nice coming home because as I was walking over the bridge, I saw a rainbow and it looked as though it was the cosmos’ way of apologising for giving me such a shit day. I also felt that the rainbow was quite significant and convenient especially considering that yesterday (I think)/ this weekend (I also think) was Pride. Also funnily enough, the one time I actually have an umbrella the rain doesn’t live up to its stormy reputation – oh wells, better safe than sorry, eh?

My outfit today was a little bit of a departure from what I’ve been wearing these past few weeks. Seeing the miserable weather and the fact that the air con is always on making sure we feel as though we’re somewhere in Greenland or Alaska, I felt that today was the perfect day to whip out my turtle-neck. It kept me warm and I didn’t feel the air con at all; however the only down side was that it wasn’t long enough so I had to keep pulling it down.

Turtle-neck – TU

Cropped trousers – Uniqlo

Trainers – Asics

Flats – Topshop

Socks – Jack Wills

Coat – Uniqlo

Scarf – Avon

Bag – River Island


I’ve got no idea what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the evening, although I imagine I’ll probably relive the horrific day over and over. I can’t wait to just go to bed and wake up tomorrow. I hope you guys had better days than I did. What did you get up to? It may not have been one for me but happy Sunday!




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