Working Girl Pt. 19.

Ever since Sunday (aka THE worst day EVER) I’ve been on a downward spiral and things really haven’t gotten any better (both personally and professionally), but I think that things might slowly be on the up.

This morning whilst I was getting ready for work, I was beyond relieved that today was finally my last day at work, and was even happier that I was finishing at 7pm. In fact, everything about today really seemed like it was ‘meant to be’ because: I had started this job exactly one month ago on the 12th June, and had started with a 10am – 7pm shift; this was supposed to be the last part to the ‘Working Girl’ series, meaning that my conclusive post would have been a nice round number; and the fact that this weekend I would be seeing my best friends and having fun times partying. Everything seemed to perfect and too good to be true (I say in hindsight). Well, you know what they say; “when something seems too good to be true, it most probably is”, and boy are they right! I found out that not only is today in fact NOT my last day, but that I’m expected to work for another few weeks, including this weekend (which TOTALLY bummed me out, as you can probably imagine). So anyway, as you can imagine, especially after Sunday, this was not something I wanted to hear. I think that obviously somewhere deep down (so deep that I’m not sure it really even exists) I’m thrilled and really happy to still have this amazing opportunity, but with my current mood, I’m not exactly feeling blessed at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be grateful next week… Anyway, in spite of the news that I’ll still be working, this will still be the last instalment of ‘Working Girl’ (but don’t fret, I’ll keep you up to date on all the happenings at work, I just won’t do it so regularly) because let’s be honest, something that has over twenty parts is quite excessive and a little tedious (especially if most of the days sounds like replicas of each other). Thank you all for following me on this journey and when I’m officially finished work (I’m not sure when that’ll be, if ever), I’ll do a conclusive post to round up what my experience as a first time work girl has been like (you’ll get a dish on the good, the bad and the UGLY). Anyway, without further ado let’s get down to what went on at work today.

After I found out I’d still be working for a few more weeks, I just cried. I cried right there on the floor, amongst the rails, and I honestly couldn’t stop myself. Looking back on it now, I see that that might have been a little melodramatic of me, but I don’t care because I felt that was definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back. Looking back now, however, I also see that this all stems from not having had an okay day on Sunday (or this past weekend, come to think about it), and I’ve realised even more that I’m the type of person who can quite easily be swayed when one bad thing happens or doesn’t exactly go the way I thought it would.

The day was slow, so I was happy when it was finally 12 because it meant: lunch. Seeing that it wasn’t raining or cold, and coupled with the fact that I did not want to stay in the building for another minute, I hot-footed it straight to Hyde Park, but not before bumping into my manager on the stairs, who surprised me by saying hi, and looking too cool for school in his mirrored aviator shades. The sun was shining high and bright during lunch, so I made sure to whack on the SPF and put my sunglasses on.

Things really started to pick up after lunch, and I felt my mood shift. I think that I may have accidentally bumped into baby Astala strapped to Peaches’ front, but I really hope not. I also spotted major PDA from Peaches and Tom (aww bless their cotton socks, but PDA is just plain ewww – keep that stuff at home people!). I also saw a girl who used to go to my secondary school and was a few years ahead of me, which made me, think of how many years, had flown by and about where I was in my life, and about what the future had in store for me in a couple years’ time. At the end of the day whilst I was at the bus stop, my eagle eyes also spotted a net-a-porter van and I really couldn’t help but smile to myself – for some strange reason net-a-porter brings me such comfort.

Despite my weird mood this morning, I think the day wasn’t so bad. It’s probably because I made sure to steer clear of the fitting rooms for most of the day though (ahahaha). I mostly kept to myself and didn’t really talk to anyone – I really think it was one of those days (but then again, in aliceworld, they always are!), and also because there was a part of me that didn’t want to be there in the first place.

The day zoomed past, which totally contradicted the morning! I didn’t even realise it was time to leave until one of my co-workers pointed it out. As I was leaving, a member of security pulled a really weird face it got me wondering (more than ever before): what the hell is wrong with all of them? They’re always up to something and joking around, I really don’t get it. Anyway, just as I was coming towards the door to return my locker key, I almost nosedived into the door/ fell down the stairs. It was a really weird feeling, feeling like the stairs had given way and that the ground was going to swallow me up whole. I’d had love to have seen what that looked like in slow motion.

Even though I knew full well that we were in store for torrential rains, I still did not come prepared with an umbrella or suitable rain footwear (honestly, what am I like?). On the bus I was strangely looking forward to the moment when I would step off the bus and have to walk for about half an hour in the pouring rain. There was loads of traffic, which normally I wouldn’t have minded, but when it’s all rainy and humid, added with the fact that I was soaked, it’s not so nice.

When I got home, I peeled off my wet things and jumped into my super cosy and luxe Jack Wills sweatpants and a sweater. It was the nicest feeling to be out for from the cold rain and in some warm clothes.

Sweatpants – Jack Wills; Sweater – Jack Wills

However, I didn’t stay like this for long because my brother popped his head around my bedroom door (he’d just returned from a four day business trip) and said he was hungry, so I changed into some old Uniqlo jeans and Uggs then jumped into his car and drove to Sainsbury’s for food and petrol.

SAFETY FIRST! Sweater – Jack Wills; Jeans – Uniqlo; Boots – Ugg Australia

When we returned, we (I) made some chilli con carne, and I’m eating it now!

DESSERT! I may be a fat pig, but don’t worry, I didn’t eat all four of them!

I was listening to all sorts today. I started with Young the Giant then I moved on to The Vaccines and then finally I ended with Pegasus Bridge. I had a couple of Young the Giant’s songs on repeat, but let’s be honest, they’re so fucking catchy I think anyone would have, don’t believe me, just listen to one below.


My outfit was one you’ve seen before. I’m starting to think that now I’m going to be working for a little longer, I should probably start thinking about other black options (or maybe just steal some of my sister’s black stuff – she has LOADS).

Trousers – ASOS

Shirt – H&M

Sweater – Uniqlo

Trainers – Asics

Bag – River Island

Right now I’m back in my sweats and I’m eating my dinner. I have a day off tomorrow so I might have a late night and start taking off my nail varnish in preparation for this weekend. What have you been up to today? And what are you having for dinner? Happy Thursday!





ps. I honestly feel like I’ve done a complete 180 because I feel so great! Perhaps it was walking out in the rain for ages and feeling as though it had washed my weird feelings away. I don’t know, but whatever it is, I am not complaining!


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