Working Girl Roundup.

Hey guys! This post is a ‘Working Girl’ recap for what’s been going on at work over the past few days. It’ll be quite long, but don’t worry; I’ve got some treats in store (in the form of pictures and music). Just a little heads up, I wrote the different sections on the day mentioned, so sorry if the tenses get all mixed up and confuses you.


I was sent to Lingerie and Beachwear, which I’m convinced, was a blessing in disguise because I had a good time there. In Beachwear I was working alongside a young woman called Victoria, whom I had always seen walking around the third floor and whom I always thought looked so glamorous because she was never without her four inch heels and was practically pin thin. As it turned out, she was HILARIOUS and we spent most of the day chatting and laughing which made a big difference from being in Leisurewear. Whilst in Beachwear though, I got a little telling off by the manager, H, for leaning against the fixture and holding it ‘for dear life’. I was advised to stand forward a little and greet people with a ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ while they browsed. The manager said it was all common sense and that it wasn’t brain surgery. I couldn’t help but think of Derek Shepherd from Grey’s and how he seamlessly pulled off surgery after surgery (although there was an episode he found out more of his patients died than survived… AWKWARD), and how to brain surgeons (neurosurgeons), it [brain surgery] isn’t actually that hard – in fact I’m pretty sure it’s a lot harder being a heart surgeon (cardiothoracic surgeon) (I might watch a LITTLE too much Grey’s Anatomy). Looking back now, I think I would have been annoyed or pissed off at her comment, but it’s okay because H is actually really nice and funny, and always says funny things like “lord give me strength” whilst leaning into me or something like a fixture.

In Lingerie I was talking to another called Jessie, and again it was a nice change from Leisurewear. I think that for the first time, I was more than happy to be in such slow-paced and chilled out areas. It was also safe to say that all the fun and excitement of working had more than worn off, and I was beginning to accept the daily grind of working life.

I didn’t listen to any music on Sunday because I thought I’d prefer a day of thinking instead. I did however, come prepared with an umbrella because the forecast had predicted rain, but with the life I’ve been having lately, there was no such rain to be had, so I ended up dragging that blasted umbrella around all day for nothing!

On Sunday I felt like the past couple of weeks I’ve felt so gutted (like LITERALLY gutted. As though someone had taken a small gardening shovel and then gutted me like a fish/ scraped my insides out, then tried to force me down a tiny drain plug with the end of a fork), heartbroken and as though I’ve been wondering around like a ghost – neither here nor there. The feeling of isolation is kind of like being stuck in a glass box with no way out. I’ve been seriously got to get out of this funk.

Cropped trousers – Uniqlo; Shirt – H&M; Sweater – Uniqlo; Bag – River Island


I was kind of in a rush in the morning when I left my house and I ended up leaving looking not so done up as usual. My hair was tied on top of my head pineapple style, and I got a few stares from the many people I walked past.

from this…

As I made my way to the bus stop, I gradually put myself together (just imagine those evolution pictures that starts with an ape then ends with a man) and didn’t look so much like a disorganised tramp.

…to this

I also realised, as I was walking, that I’ve become so accustomed to wearing earphones, that I don’t really notice when I’m not, and I feel as though there’s constantly a stream of music playing in my head. I also mulled over a thought I had had on Monday that so far, my whole working experience has been a bit like taking drugs. In the beginning, it was a weird and new experience, but then I’d had my high, where everything was fun and games and I loved it; then slowly I was beginning to come down from my working high so that right now, I’m on the decline that is the comedown.

My seat on the bus was suspiciously comfy, but it was all good. However, it was not nearly as suspicious as starting work at 9AM! The main book that has the overall rotas, stated there was a cut25 (Yigal Azrouël’s line started in 2010) training, which I was a little apprehensive about, but it meant that I’d finish at 6pm so I wasn’t exactly complaining! The training was nothing like I expected, although now I’m wondering what I thought the training would be like. This pin thin young American woman came to show us a few pieces from cut25’s pre-fall collection that would be hitting the stores soon, and talked us through a little of the history. She was really nice and chatty (but now that I think about it, that’s probably just part of her job), and my mind was really BLOWN when she said she worked closely with Yigal (like, properly knew him/talked to him). To me, this is the equivalent of knowing a rock star, and made my heart jump with excitement as I was so enamoured, fascinated and in awe. Also hearing a little about what she’d been up to recently and what she was going to be doing in the coming weeks, made me really think about what career I’d want when I was through with university. I always though I wanted a career in fashion and/or writing, and seeing this woman made me want to do it all – including travelling (even though I hate flying, but if it’s part of the job, I guess I’ll just have to get over it). The training was only an hour long (or a little bit less because she was a bit late and it ended before the tannoy announced the beginning of the day), and when it was done, we posed by a rack of cut25 clothing (which I think will end up on twitter or something soon).

Tuesday was also the day of MAY-JOR wardrobe malfunctions! For starters I had less than no idea of what I’d wear when I was getting ready in the morning, although I later decided on my H&M maxi dress tucked into my ASOS trousers. My maxi dress went all bumpy and just looked ridiculous, but I managed to sort that out before I left the house. Then at work, the scoop-neck style of the dress caused such aggro because it kept slipping and exposing the thick white straps of my granny bra (sexy I’m sure if you have a fetish for that kind of thing). To make things even worse, my dress was a little sheer, meaning that my whole bra had been on show for god knows how long! Thank god I brought my cardigan otherwise I don’t know what I would have done. I buttoned up my cardigan ASAP after I noticed that! Naturally, as it was nearing lunch, I realised that my maxi dress was beginning to sag, so all I could feel was this really limp thing flapping around/ hugging my crotch.

I spotted Fredrik from Made in Chelsea when I was returning to work after lunch in Hyde Park – it’s pretty hard not to miss THAT (if you know what I mean ;)) – but he wasn’t in his usual attire of tight tops :(. Seeing Fred reminded me of a few weekends ago when Amber from MIC walked past me as I was making my way to the bus stop. She was talking to some guy who looked a lot like her boyfriend, about some perfume deal/ perfume in general. I thought they must have been making their way back from Wireless. Then when I returned to work, I spotted MTV’s Laura Whitmore, and she approached me, asking about where Personal Shopping was. After that encounter, I weirdly felt like she was following me around the shop floor :/.

If I thought the slow days of the sale were bad, I was SO beyond mistaken. Tuesday’s slow day was just out of this world! I couldn’t stop yawning and thought I was going to fall asleep. I was so happy that I had Wednesday off otherwise I don’t know what I would have done. I also feel like I could not possible imagine/ survive working full time and really don’t see how those who do, do it. It probably doesn’t help that I feel like such a loner and as though I can’t really connect with anyone. I was kind of missing Victoria and would have loved for her to have been in so that I would have someone to visit and laugh with. I also couldn’t help wish that the other temps were still around. I miss you guys so much; it’s definitely not the same without you!

Top (maxi dress) – H&M; Trousers – ASOS; Bag – River Island; Coat – Uniqlo; Bra – Avon


My hair was giving me so much aggro that I couldn’t wait to be rid of it, but then I thought what it’d be like coming into work with normal hair and I think that calmed me down a little bit.

For some strange reason I was awake, up and showered so early that I was able to indulge in plenty of internet time where I was mostly updating my new Tumblr account (be sure to check it out when you get a spare moment – it’s all pictures with some nice quotes).

I was early for work and managed to get a locker which was nice, and unlike Tuesday when it was on the 1st floor, I was lucky to get one on the 2nd. The floor was quiet as always, but I had a couple of chats with Alana and some other of my co-workers. When it was lunch, I left the store and went to Sainsbury’s to treat myself to some Wotsits (I’m suddenly obsessed with their cheesy goodness again!) and some cookies, then headed over to Hyde Park. There were major dramas over in H.P, which is quite unlike it, considering how often I’ve been coming there in recent weeks. A guy was bellowing at the top of his lungs, garnering himself lots of stares and attention from passers-by. I couldn’t help but think it was some kind of spiritual thing because in between his noises, he kept flipping through some papers. Then police pulled over a car and arrested (or at least that what it looked like) the driver. It was pretty hard to see because a large branch was in my way. I suddenly felt really uncomfortable because I would see the reflection of my eyeballs in my sunglasses and that really freaked me out. Once the police left, the bellowing man went back to making his noises.

a glimpse of the dramas

Returning back to work was like going back to another floor. I was crazy busy, rushing around after customers and trying to get them the right sized jeans. There was this one woman in particular who was actually crazy insane (like ‘forgot to take her meds and will get committed’ crazy insane) who was just CRAY CRAY. She wanted Victoria Beckham jeans in multitudes of different colours, and I think that’s why I loved her for all her insaneness. I loved that she didn’t want boring or normal shaded jeans, and that she wanted something bright and ‘out there’. But I mean, am I really so surprised that I loved her so much? Like Bethenny [Frankel] I love all the crazy people and I think that deep, deep down, they love me too :). It was so great to kept busy and on my toes, as opposed to wandering aimlessly around the shop floor like a lost freak.

I went on my break feeling as though I really deserved a good sit-down, and made myself comfortable on the grass (although note to self: NEVER SIT ON THE GRASS EVER AGAIN!). The sun was beating down pretty hard, so I whipped out some sun screen (you can never be too careful) and lathered it on my arms and legs (although they were such a hairy atrocity, I wish I hadn’t rolled up my trousers). After I returned back to work, the floor went back to its quiet self. The floor somehow became uncharacteristically quiet, which says a lot considering that it’s ALWAYS quiet, but today was the worst.

I had another nice chat with Alana who informed me that Trisha (the British talk show queen, AKA the British Oprah) had been to her concession and bought some things. By the time it was seven, I was so jealous of those who got to leave. The next two hours dragged on like you wouldn’t believe. It probably didn’t help that there were only four of us left on the floor, but at least I can take comfort in knowing that I wasn’t the only one who was bored beyond recognition. I checked the time at one point and I could not believe that it was only 7.41pm! I honestly thought I was going crazy or something. In the time before tannoy called for the closing of the store, I wandered round the store doing a virtual shop (yes, I’m just THAT cool) and pretended that I had unlimited funds and picked out all the things that I loved and wanted to buy (again I repeat, I’m just too darn cool for school. And in case you were wondering, yes, I did rack up quite a tab). When the tannoy finally gave customers the final warning, I thought it was a dream and was HAPPY. That was until H, the manager of Beachwear, who also happened to work in catering for twelve years, was talking about what some chefs in restaurants sometimes did to people’s food. Gotta love H for being so kind and sharing that kind of information, but she’s a riot so I love her anyway.

The journey home was nice and I bumped into a woman who works on the 1st floor, as I was getting onto the bus, and we had a little chat. I was going to listen to some music on the way home but then I changed my mind, opting for an ‘unplugged’ journey home – but then I changed my mind again and switched on my iPod. I went a little crazy as I walked home and got so giddy when Skid Row started playing.

Shirt – H&M; Cardigan – Primark; Trousers – ASOS; Bag – River Island; Coat – Uniqlo; Trainers – Asics; Nails – Barry M Red Black

It’s been an interesting few days and I’m kind of interested to see what the next few days have in store for me. Also, I’m getting quite antsy about payday, which is rearing its most beautiful head very soon. I’ve had my eye on a couple of nice things, but I’m still deciding on whether or not I should splurge or save. What do you think? I’m back to work on Saturday, but I’m not sure what I’ll get up to on my day off. Do you have anything fun planned? Let me know what you guys think. Goodnight!





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