A Little Piece of History.

As you know the Olympics are ON and have hit London at full throttle. The build-up has been coming for weeks, with posters and warnings, and the slow pink transformation of places like Earls Court and other places in and around London.

I don’t think I would have been so interested in the Olympics had it not been for the fact that I would have to change my means of getting to and from work. Speaking of which, my journeys have not been as stressful as I had first imagined, if anything I’ve been getting to work a hell of a lot earlier and I haven’t spent as much money as I had previously thought I would. I honestly thought that all the hubbub would give me great reason to hate everything about the Olympics, but in fact, the opposite has happened. If anything, I think I’ve found myself being a lot more interested.

Saturday and Sunday saw the men and women’s bike race, starting and finishing at The Mall, which was the main reason why my means of transport had to be re-planned. The men and women cycled past the department store I work in, and I have to say I was filled with such excitement as I stood by the rails waiting to hear the hovering helicopters up above. When the moment finally came for the cyclist to come past (especially yesterday), I realised that I was witnessing first hand something that was truly spectacular. It was the thought of knowing that what some people were watching at home (like my parents), I was standing by, meters away from. I also realised that this really was history in the making, and that I was able to take a little piece of that.

The picture I managed to take was really blurry, but I don’t particularly mind because I was able to capture such a moment and be surrounded by so much positive energy. The crowds were so amazing and I loved how so many people came together to stand out in the pouring rain, whistling and cheering in anticipation and as the bikes went past.

Sadly I couldn’t stay for too long because I was already late from my lunch break, but I was happy to have caught the moment that I did. Anyway, I just thought I’d share this with you, because like I’ve said before, I’d love to look back at this in sixty years’ time and relive some of these memories.

I’m sat snuggled in bed, tumblr-ing, writing and just enjoying my day off. What are you guys up to? Have a nice day 🙂





5 thoughts on “A Little Piece of History.

  1. I know, right! I hated the Olympics before they’d even started but it’s not so bad at all. The funniest thing was I spent Friday night watching the opening ceremony at my friend’s in Leytonstone and came back on the Central Line at about 1:45 – the tube pulled into Stratford and literally EVERYONE on the platform was in full costume – Mary Poppinses and nurses everywhere! Had to get off at Liverpool Street and walk home coz I couldn’t hack how rammed it was, but still pretty funny. Glad you enjoyed the road race x

    • A lot people I know have similar feelings about the Olympics too which I find kind of interesting. I think it’s because all the build-up around them just made them seem more of a nuisance than anything else, but now people are getting into the spirit a little bit more. I didn’t watch the opening ceremony, but everyone at work was talking about the Queen and James Bond jumping out of the helicopter so I had to watch that on youtube. I would have loved to have seen all the people in their costumes though, but I can imagine how crowded and irritating it must been being surrounded by so many people.
      How closely are you following the games? I’m not really following it myself, but I’m keeping up to date on twitter!


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