Dream a Little Dream.

I can’t help but find it somewhat amusing that whenever I have more than one day off in a row, I never know what to do with myself on the second day. The first day is always such fun and games and I take full advantage of not having to do anything or be anywhere, but the moment the second day hits, I’m at such a loss.

Today Is A New Day

As I get bored quite easily I try not to repeat what I did on the first day (in my case: writing, blogging and watching Bethenny), and try to keep things interesting by mixing it up. Today I’ve read through some of my writing, scrolled through the blog, tumbl’d and read through some other blogs; as well as having a lengthy text conversation with one of my best friends about the fabulous craziness that is The Real Housewives series’.  And I also found a recipe for a ‘Pizza Casserole’ that I’m dying to try out soon (watch this space!). Time seems to have zoomed by so quickly and it’s really shown me the black hole of life that is tumblr, pinterest, and just about anything technological or internet related.

dream a little dream

So anyway, before I bore you with even more intricate details of my day so far, I thought I’d share some of the pictures I’ve found on my never-ending spiral through the bottomless internet pit.

As you’re probably aware by now, in a few short weeks, I’ll be moving in with my friends and while I’ve been too consumed with work, sleep, writing and blogging to make any furtive plans about the important things like: my bedroom, when to start packing, when to start properly moving things, what other things to buy; I figured I could at least start looking at inspiration so that I know what kind of things to keep an eye out for.


I’m a simple girl at heart and find nothing more soothing than thick, crispy, clean white sheets and duvets and pillows and covers. But even I can appreciate the zany prints, bold colours and bright lighting.


dream bedroom

dream bedroom

Dream bedroom.

The pinterest setup is very interesting and I’m sure it’s super addictive, but considering how obsessed and loony tumblr’s made me, I don’t think I’ll be setting up a pinterest account anytime soon – otherwise I know I’ll have even less of a life (if that’s even remotely possible). Anyway, let me know what you think and which bedroom inspiration was your favourite.





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