The Zazzy Shirt.

Last week my sister and I decided to watch The Dark Knight Rises again this week, after we were unable to watch it a few Friday’s back because I was working. I’m not sure why, but even though we had planned to do this, it felt rather spontaneous and I’m glad it did because everything went off without a hitch. Unlike last time, I didn’t lose my ticket, we were able to run to Sainsbury’s beforehand for some treats and bottles of coke, and we skipped the queue, opting instead to purchase our tickets from the ticket box (it felt oh so cool and sophisticated). I’m also not sure why, but seeing the movie this time, was an altogether completely different experience from the last two times we saw it. We both agreed that the film was more poignant this time than it had ever been before; and if there’s one thing we took away from the film, it was to RISE.


Anyway, moving on to my outfit. I got changed three times this morning. The first outfit was my favourite UV shirt from Uniqlo that helps to protect the skin from 100% of the suns UV rays (although you should still wear SPF), the second was a green sweater, and the third was a light cotton shirt, also from Uniqlo. They didn’t seem to ‘work’ and they were all kind of see-through (something that 90% of my tops have in common). I decided on my sister’s (although now she’s disclaimed it, so maybe it’s mine?) rather zazzy and ‘out there’ shirt, and I think it worked PERFECTLY.

I love the large nature of the shirt (it is after all a men’s size large) and the fact that I could wear it without feeling large and billowy.

Shirt – Giorgio Armani

Cropped jeans – Uniqlo

Flats – Topshop

Bag – Longchamp


My sister was looking equally chic although I felt an essence of the nineties and I couldn’t quite decide if she reminded me of Britney Spears a la the Crazy music video or Jessica Simpson in Irresistible. Writing this now, I’ve got it! She looks like Destiny’s Child in Say My Name, but what do you think?

Leather trousers – ASOS

Cropped top – ASOS

Boots – from a friend but personally customized

Sweater – old school hoodie

I’m not sure we’ll be up to tonight but something tells me it may involve watching some High School Musical. I’m back at work tomorrow so I don’t think it’ll be a crazy late night for me. What have you been up to today? Let me know what you think.




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