Oh What a Day, Oh What a Day.

Today could quite possibly be one of the most interesting and most fun days I’ve had at work. I’m not sure what it such a great day because I know I’ve had some hilariously fun days, but I think it was the tiny details that made it such a nice day today.

I can say however, that the main thing that made today so much fun was these two American friends, Lisa and Sophie, from Los Angeles, who had seen an April May skirt on one of the mannequins and wanted one for their [Sophie’s] daughter. What started out as a simple and very ordinary request turned into me somehow trying on the skirt so they could see how it sat on the body (apparently I’m the same size as their daughter, big bum and all). Something that made me laugh about them was when they said their daughter had a ‘black’ bum, but then they corrected themselves and said ‘African American’ instead. I probably should have told them about the way my friends and I speak to each (and let me tell you something, there is nothing politically correct about in the slightest). They were so sweet, and funny, fun, and I think they actually made my day. it felt so natural and just easy talking to them and joking with them (I was working…honest) and as we came to the main desk to pay, they were kind enough to give me their email address (I had told them I was studying American Studies at university and that I may be travelling there sometime next year). They said they were off to Spain tomorrow for ten days, so I hope they have a great time!

Today also happened to be the last day that Jamie (though I do like to call him James) and I would be working together. I also realise that because I haven’t been blogging about my work day as much, I haven’t had the opportunity to introduce all the new people that I’ve met and recently become friends with. Anyway, today is the last day we’ll be working together and I’m going to miss our banter, but I’m not too sad because I still have Conner to make me laugh, and the rest of the team.

What really topped today off was when I was walking home over the bridge that I walk over every day now, and I saw the sun setting behind some clouds. I thought it was such a beautiful sight so I snapped a quick picture.

I have a day off work tomorrow so I’ll be able to relax tonight and lie in tomorrow. Let me know what you think. And what do you know, I just realised that today is Thursday, my favourite day of the week. Happy Thursday guys!





p.s. check out the poem the blog title comes from. It’s so cute and really funny.

What a day,
Oh what a day.
My baby brother ran away,
And now my tuba will not play.
I’m eight years old
And turning grey, Oh what a day, Oh what a day.


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