Lunch at Konnigans.

This afternoon I went to meet two of my oldest friends (for a rough idea about how old, I’ve known one of them since before I was born [our mothers were friends], and the other we used to go this club for kids and we once went camping together). I think it was nice to reconnect (the last time I saw them was some time around mother’s day), eat some tasty AND filling food, and just catch up.

We went to this restaurant called Konnigans, which could most readily be described as a low-key laid back little place, perfect for groups or for a date. When we arrived, there was an unexpected wedding going on and the bride appeared in a large white gown.

I know I should have done, but I didn’t realise at the time, that it would have been a good idea to snap some pictures of what we all got. All I remember of the filling feast was that I got a ground beef grilled burger with tomatoes, a side of mushrooms, a side of stupendously deliciously chips, salad and a glass of tap water. The food was so yum, and as I type I’m regretting more and more that I didn’t take any food pictures.

That being said, I did snap some pictures of the décor. The walls were lined with canvases of major landmarks in London and there was a rustic touch with exposed brick work.

While we sat inside, there were two outside areas: one outside overlooking the small area and street; and one inside placed underneath an observatory (where the wedding was taking place). This little place had a shelf of books and plenty of tables for all sorts of functions.

We’ve already made the decision to go back there sometime when I’m not at university and I can’t wait. We also made the conscious effort to try to keep and stay in contact (which has been hard, but we’re REALLY going to try), because there’s so much fun stuff for us to do. Especially since I’m coming from a place of yes, I really couldn’t agree more!

We ended our little outing with a trip to Homebase where I think it finally dawned on me that I’ve got a week to get a lot of shit together – lovely!

my lovely reminder

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I really liked my outfit today and felt that it fit in nicely with the relaxed nature of the restaurant.

I must add though, that I felt a little like a cowboy, but what can you do… yeeha?

Shirt – Jack Wills

Jeans – Uniqlo

Flats – Topshop

Bag – Longchamp

Cardigan – H&M

Anyway, I’m gearing up for my last weekend at work, but don’t you worry, I have a little something special planned for my final Working Girl post, but in the mean time you can catch up on my adventures in preparation for the grand finale ahaha. Happy Friday!




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