Drowning My (Sort of) Sorrows.

I’ve only just sat up, having been lying in bed for the past few hours doing my internet routine. There is definitely a change in the air, probably because I’m no longer working anymore (check out last night’s post), and because this time next week I’ll be miles away in Winchester, having had my first lecture/seminar of the semester. Before I get completely swept away by all that I’m drowning my sort of sorrows in net-a-porter’s latest. Here are my favourites:


From the moment I saw this skirt I knew it was meant to be. I’m not sure what I think about the fancy appliqué, but I know it’s stunning and something really different that can be dressed up or down. I know I’d definitely wear something like this out partying or for something really casual like going to the cinema. I mean why not? It is Marc Jacobs after all and looking fancy shouldn’t just be reserved for the high life.

Marc Jacobs     Marc Jacobs 

Styling Suggestion:

T by Alexander Wang     Giuseppe Zanotti 


Obviously this wish list rundown would not be complete without a sweater or two. I love this because it’s soft, creamy and utterly divine. You really can’t go wrong with a turtleneck, especially with winter just around the corner. For a more relaxed look pair with a short skirt or cropped pants.

Duffy     Duffy 

Styling Suggestion:

Marc Jacobs     Carven     Stella McCartney 


This sweater was pictured next to a Marni creation, but I liked this one a whole lot better. The penjab elephant is so OUT THERE it’d be pretty hard to miss, and it’s that kind of standout detail I love in something as simplistic as a sweater, because it makes it so easy to dress down. It’s just as perfect for a fun night out or a night in on the sofa, whilst keeping you looking chic.

Paul & Joe     Paul & Joe 

Styling Suggestion:

Mother     Charles Philip Shanghai     Victoria Beckham 


I’m sad I haven’t seen enough from Marchesa in the past few months, as they are after all my favourite design house. This cutesy pink embellished silk-jersey dress from their diffusion Notte by Marchesa line is just the thing to perk me up on a down day like this. I’d wear something like this to a wedding and is probably the only thing bodycon I’d ever consider wearing.

Notte by Marchesa     Notte by Marchesa 

Styling Suggestion:

Christian Louboutin     Christian Louboutin 


When I first saw this tunic I thought it was a dress, but then when I clicked on it and saw how net-a-porter styled it, I thought it was a top. I’m now decided that it’s a dress, and though it would be VERY bodycon, I reckon I could turn a blind eye. While this has the potential to be super sexy, the thick boat neck and slightly puffed sleeves add a sense of front row glamour, keeping things looking sophisticated.

Rick Owens     Rick Owens 

Styling Suggestion:

Isabel Marant     Chloé 


I’ve seen other variations of this shoe so it made sense for me to fall head over heels for these sexy booties. The six inch heel is a BONUS, though the platform is a little on the small side. The colour is fabulous and they make for the ideal addition to any wardrobe.

Giuseppe Zanotti     Giuseppe Zanotti 

Styling Suggestion:

rag & bone JEAN     Marni 

I can imagine I’m going to stay in bed for next few hours mooching around on the internet and re-watching my Working Girl video. I’m not sure what it is, but every time I watch it I want to cry a little bit. I’ve honestly had the best summer ever and I’m so happy I was able to work and get such an amazing experience, meeting awesome people. This summer has been a dream, but now it’s time to wake up. Booooooo.




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