Saturday Night.

Saturday night saw my sister and I head out to Islington for another night of fun at Cave.

looking surprisingly fresh-faced

We arrived in time to catch the band (I’m not sure what their name was) playing a few tracks and they were REALLY awesome, with the lead looking a lot like Marc Bolan – and singing like him too –  then laughed and danced our night away, not leaving until closing at some time after four!

I’ve had this skirt for a long time, and when I say a long time, I mean a VERY long time. I used to love and wear this skirt all the time ten years ago and it was always a little on the big side. Let me tell you something, it’s still too big, and I spent most of the night subtly pulling it up. My sister (who is not a fan of the skirt by the way) was kind enough to lend me her vest that hadn’t been worn before (just thought I’d add that in for you), so I could finish my look.

Coat – Uniqlo

Bag – Michael Kors

Boots – ASOS

My sister went gypsy rock chick in skinny jeans and tartan patterned boots, and while we couldn’t have looked anymore different, we both felt the same about night! It was AWESOME!

Jeans – Primark

Boots – ASOS

Coat – charity shop

We didn’t take more pictures because let’s face it; we were more interested in dancing and having fun. Who had time for snaps when you’re THAT busy?

just kidding…

Naturally, as I was working the next day, I spent most of Sunday yawning my head off, although surprisingly I didn’t fall asleep. I think I’ve finally caught up on sleep, and having spent most of the day moping in bed, I’ve ordered some stuff for the new house in Winchester and perked up! Feeling good 😀




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