Moving In.

It’s so early but I feel myself falling asleep. I’ll get some shut eye once I’ve written this; otherwise this post’ll probably never get written.

So anyway, last weekend I moved back to Winchester for my second year, and into an amazingly awesome house (riddled with bugs and spiders galore, to not mention that fucking annoying beeping – but I mean, beggars can’t be choosers right?), with my three best friends. We’ve been having a whale of a time, mooching on the sofa, indulging in a tasty Sunday dinner and screaming at spiders.

Here’s a virtual(ish) tour of the house:

I thought we’d start with my room. When I first saw it a few months ago, it was actually a cramped clothes sty and I could not see the floor. I’m seriously not even kidding, you could not see the floor and the room was a mess! It then went from looking like



I can’t take credit for putting up that wardrobe and I must thank Beth for helping (ie taking charge and being a life saver). It’s really good quality and I’m really proud with the outcome, so thank you Argos.

The girls’ rooms:

Like I said above, we had a delicious Sunday dinner, our first family meal, and it was so nice. It was great being sat around the dining table and knowing that we had officially moved in.

so yummy!

This was last night’s dinner: Spaghetti bolognese with sausage balls and grated cheese.

Our fancy new living room, where I know we could lie for hours. I have to say I’m impressed we’ve all been getting to lectures and everything okay.

where the mooching takes place

My first two days of lectures having been okay, apart from this afternoon on my way home when I got DRENCHED. But here’s a quick peek at what I wore:

cropped jeans – Uniqlo; sweater – H&M; coat – Uniqlo; bag – River Island

a quick view on the way home on Monday

trousers – Uniqlo; sweater – ASOS; shoes – TOMS

We’ve got our first big night out planned for Friday night, and unlike what I’d normally do, I’m not going to psych myself out and I’m just going to let the night happen have a great time hanging out. But I am super duper excited though 😀 and I know it’s going to be so much FUN FUN FUN!

I guess that in the mean it’s bed time for me as I’ve got an early start tomorrow, and now that I’ve spoken to my sissy (such fun times :D). Goodnight.




3 thoughts on “Moving In.

  1. Oh! well it’s really not that bad! :)no matter the size and form – if it’s clean..then it looks great! and if you all feel well in that house,then it’s even better!
    the food really looked yummy! i have to go on diet again..
    Have fun Friday!

    • aww thank you so much 🙂 yes, i totally agree with you. we’re all nicely settled and just loving and enjoying everything.
      the food was really nice and i can’t wait to try out a few new recipes in our lovely kitchen. oh no, i’m sure you don’t need to go on a diet. maybe just do more exercise, it works for me.
      you are so sweet 😀

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