The End of the First Week.

It’s the end of the first week back in Winchester and I can say that aside from the torrential rain, the spiders and bugs, things have been great this week. It’s still looking a grey, but I think I’ve found a way to bring out some sun in my heart.


I’m a massive fan of the Equipment shirts and I loved nothing more than touching them (in a non-freaky way) and making sure all their buttons were done up, when I was working. Now that I think about it, it feels kind of strange that I haven’t been working in over a week. But anyway, I’m so in love with these pj’s and I love that they come in loads of colours. LUSH.

Equipment     Equipment 

Styling Suggestion:

Equipment     Equipment     Equipment 


This dress is in the hottest colour of the season: oxblood. While I may not be one to follow trends on point, I know that I’d snap this little chiffon number up in a heartbeat if I could. I’m also ignoring the fact that it’d be bodycon, could this mean that I’m finally embracing my big booty? Probably not, baby steps you know, baby steps.

Alexander Wang     Alexander Wang 

Styling Suggestion:

Versus     Valentino 


Splendid is mostly known for their uniform colours of navy, black, white and grey, so when I saw this orangey polka-dotted tee I almost fainted. The colour is perfect for autumn and the tee would go well with just about anything, from leggings and sweats to jeans and skirts.

Splendid     Splendid 

Styling Suggestion:

Juicy Couture     Tory Burch 


I think I’m leaning a little TOO close to this poncho than is necessary or acceptable, but I don’t care. I love the colour, the material and the fact that it makes a subtle change to wearing a sweater or a cardigan. Once ponchos were pretty much seen as fashion faux pas, but with something like this, I don’t think you could get anymore chic.

A.P.C.     A.P.C. 

Styling Suggestion:

Mother     Raquel Allegra     Marc by Marc Jacobs 


These cute booties are similar to other booties Alaïa is famous for. You know those boots with the thicker heel Chloe Green loves to wear. The slimmer heels on these makes the boots look sleeker, more elegant and the type of shoe you’d see those glamorous mothers wearing on the school run. Not to mention the printed flap on the back of the shoe – I can’t get enough.

Alaïa     Alaïa 

Styling Suggestion:

Camilla and Marc     Giambattista Valli     Victoria Beckham 


A sweater with a twist! Just the thing to get me out of my generic sweater stupor. The unexpected velvet adds that extra bit of luxe to lift a boring outfit and I love the layered colour blocking, done with white and dark green.

Les Chiffoniers     Les Chiffoniers 

Styling Suggestion:

Mother     Carven     Chloé 


I saw this and my mouth dropped. I’m still speechless if I’m honest and this is the kind of thing I wouldn’t think twice about splurging on. I love how different it is and how at home it’d feel in my wardrobe. I need this, kind of like how I need oxygen to breath – HELP.

Alexander Wang     Alexander Wang 

Styling Suggestion:

Marc Jacobs     Christian Louboutin     Victoria Beckham 

After the struggle of trying to figure out what that latest chapter in A Place of Yes was about, I’m glad I could take my mind off it with these. Let me know what you think. Have a nice day 🙂




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