Girls Trip to Sainsbury’s.

Yes we do live such a glamorous life. HA. As Lex so rightly pointed out, we’ve not only been to Sainsbury’s three times this week, but we’ve been three days in a row.

Lex had a morning class today, but the second she stepped through the door, I was OBSESSED with her outfit and knew I had to snap her. I love how she mixed prints and made it look so effortless. And her smile is infectious… love you gal. I personally think you can’t get any more chic than with an all-black ensemble…*ahem* Lauran.

Lauran and I had to sneak a few snaps of Beth while she wasn’t looking. When I first saw her this morning I couldn’t help but laugh because she was wearing the same thing I had planned to wear, great minds truly do think alike.

I bought this playsuit a while back after being convinced by my sissy. I am so in love with it from the texture, to the colour and the style and fit. I honestly couldn’t praise this little gem anymore. I kind of wish I’d bought the cream one now, but you live and you learn.

Here’s hoping we won’t need to make another visit anytime soon. Tonight we’re going to be treated to dinner made especially by Lauran’s bf. All I’m going to say is that I’m really excited (and hungry) and can’t wait to chow down.




6 thoughts on “Girls Trip to Sainsbury’s.

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