That Monday Feeling.

Last week was just one of those weeks. Case in point the fact that I only blogged once, but what can I say, sometimes you need to take a break and come back refreshed. Anyway, I’ve spent the weekend at home spending time with the fam and trying VERY hard to get this essay finished before tomorrow (when I’ll be given another one to do…yikes), although I am THIS close to finishing. I know I should be working now, but I thought I’d take a mini break and check out net-a-porter for a second. Here are my favourite picks.


I’m not sure what it was that attracted me to this skirt, maybe it was the mixture of black and navy? This skirt is a perfect staple for the wardrobe that can be dressed up and down, as well as offering comfort from the rib-panelled material.

Kain     Kain 

Styling Suggestion:

Piamita     Charlotte Olympia 


I love the look of this sweater and I can imagine the feel of it being just as amazing.  The royal blue is very sharp and eye catching, yet not too bright that it’ll make you blind. What really tops this beauty off is the white stitching along the shoulders and the tiny white stitched detail along the bottom. I’m a sucker for small detailing like that. And did I mention that this sweater comes in three other colours? FAB FAB!

Banjo & Matilda     Banjo & Matilda 

Styling Suggestion:

Mother     Yves Saint Laurent 


Call it what you will, this swimsuit-bodysuit thing is as versatile as things tend to come these days. The marble effect colouring will make it look as though you’re wearing pearls and adds that dash of psychedelic cool. I also love that you can wear with skinny jeans or a mini skirt and still look just as fab.

Zimmermann     Zimmermann 

Styling Suggestion:

Mother     Tory Burch     Yves Saint Laurent 


I think I posted the matching bottoms to this jacket a few weeks ago so of course it’d make sense for me to post this fabulous jacket too. I love the watercolour-esque floral pattern and how it reminds me of those highly romanticised summers days spent frolicking on the Heath. Anyway, not just reserved for summer or springtime, I can see this being rocked all year round.

By Malene Birger     By Malene Birger 

Styling Suggestion:

Tucker     Tory Burch 

I’ve still got a few errands to run and bits to do (not to mention an essay to finish) before I head back to Winchester, so I should probably get a move on ASAP. Let me know what you think and hope you had a good weekend.




4 thoughts on “That Monday Feeling.

  1. Cute picks. I’m obsessing about the Pucci turtleneck and Chloe jumpers on the new in section… got a bit of a knitwear addiction right now x

    • thank you 🙂 i think it’s safe to say that i always have an addiction to knitwear so i know how you feel. and YES i could not agree more about the chloe jumpers, i literally look at them every day and wish i owned them.


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