Extra Potato and Leek Soup.

This is one of those meals that you whip up in no time at all and despite most of it coming from a tin, you still feel like you’ve cooked a meal from scratch. I first made this meal a few weeks ago when I couldn’t think of what to have for dinner and I was really impressed with the results.

What you’ll need:


A pan


Wooden spoon

Chopping board

Sharp knife

Potato peeler (or you can just use the sharp knife)



Serving Suggestion:

I added some extra hot sauce to blow my head off, in the hopes of getting rid of feeling so ill.

NB. If you have any vegetables like carrots, peas or mushrooms lying around, feel free to add them to pot.

As always, let me know what you think. I’m really excited about dinner tonight. It’s Lauran’s turn to cook and she’s going to spoil us with chicken stuffed with blue cheese – can I get a YUMMY? YUMMY!!



ps. Please come home now Lex, the joke is over and we miss you!!


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