Festive Friday.

Leading on from yesterday’s What’s New Wednesday post, today’s picks also have a hint of festive cheer to them.


I think that the next thing on my list of things to buy has to be a blazer. Blazers can finish off any look almost effortlessly and they make a chic change to a coat, a jacket and even a cardigan. This Stella blazer is both sleek, sophisticated with a dash of sex appeal if worn with an evening gown or mini dress.

Stella McCartney     Stella McCartney 

Styling Suggestion

Versus     Miu Miu     Bottega Veneta 


It’s hard to believe that I used to own a pair of trousers that looked very similar to these, only in chocolate brown. When I see these wide-leg pants, I can’t help but see what I’ll be dressing like in the nearby future, and it feels with me with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Anyway, these pants are pretty cool and obviously need to be worn with sky-heels and a button-down shirt with a couple of the buttons undone.

Stella McCartney     Stella McCartney 

Styling Suggestion

T by Alexander Wang     Christian Louboutin     Bottega Veneta 


We all know that I’m a massive Clu fan so of course I’d add this terry cloth sweater to my wish list. I love the orangey colour which looks kind of creamy and pinky as opposed to a garish bright orange. But if orange is not for you, fear not because this beauty also comes in a creamy colour.

CLU     CLU 

Styling Suggestion

Victoria Beckham Denim     Bloch     Bottega Veneta 


Another orange sweater, only this one looks a hell of a lot more festive than the above Clu number. The baubles just about finish me off and leave me gagging for more. I can imagine myself running my hands all over this sweater and never getting bored of it, which tells me this is a keeper. Nothing feels more like Christmas than a sweater that looks like your grandma knitted it for you, only a littler cooler. So maybe your Burberry grandma knitted it?

Burberry Brit     Burberry Brit 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Marc by Marc Jacobs     Bottega Veneta 


Okay now guys, hold the phone. This could hands down be the most tackiest sweater in the history of tack, but it warms my heart. Probably because of the all glitter, sequins and other embellishments, I feel it would be a crime to not add this to the list. The bright red could not be more spot on with the coming season, and everything about this sweater just lights up my face. LOVES IT.

Meadham Kirchhoff     Meadham Kirchhoff 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Yves Saint Laurent     Bottega Veneta 


What can I say? I love me an oversized sweater that won’t make me feel guilty for wearing it three days in a row. While I’d most readily just wear with this a pair of black leggings and extra woolly socks, if I were to venture out in the cold, I’d wear with a black mini skirt, thick black tights and a pair of black wedge ankle booties.

Chinti and Parker     Chinti and Parker 

Styling Suggestion

Miu Miu     Mulberry     Bottega Veneta 


Every time I see a Camilla and Marc creation, I’m reminded of the fact that I never did get round to writing a full designer profile about them. Come to think about it in fact, I haven’t written a designer profile in quite a long time – my apologies. Moving on, the simple pattern on the dress makes it perfect to wear all year round, as does the cut and shape of the dress. It’s just such a cutie and definitely something I’d expect from Camilla and Marc.

Camilla and Marc     Camilla and Marc 

Styling Suggestion

Charlotte Olympia     J.Crew     Bottega Veneta 


I may not be a fan of actual pyjamas, but that doesn’t mean I can’t resist looking at them. by now we should probably all be aware that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Equipment and I had a ball being surrounded by them all day everyday over the summer. What I love most about these pjs is that the bottoms are a pair of super cute mini shorts that means your legs won’t get hot in the night. I guess the down side is having cold legs when you drag yourself out of bed in the morning. But then again, that’s what central heating on a timer is always for.

Equipment     Equipment 

Check out net-a-porter to see what else is new and let me know what you think. Also a MASSIVE shout-out to my favourite big sissy in the ENTIRE world! Happy birthday Florence!!!




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