Simply Grey and Blue.

Today’s picks are pretty simple and straightforward, with a touch of dazzle from new brand Percossi Papi (okay so they’re new to me). I think they also work well for Monday (everybody’s favourite day of the week) when you’re feeling bleeeeeehhh and just generally can’t be bothered with anything.


You might recognise this sweater from Friday’s post. Net-a-porter styled it with the Valentino bag I chose as one of my favourite picks. With winter just around the corner, nothing beats a little bit of cashmere loving, so this sweater is PERFECT. I’m also loving the neck embellishment detailing, that acts to spruce up an outfit in an instant.

Marni     Marni 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Tory Burch     The Row 


I love finding pieces that I wouldn’t usually wear because it makes me think twice about what I like and what I really don’t. Decorative dresses like these have been on the rise since Mary Katranzou’s debut, and I have to admit I haven’t always been a massive fan, and not to mention my dislike for bodycon dresses. That being said, over the weekend I think I re-found my love of the bodycon, just as long as it’s not too tight. I like to think this dress isn’t too much, although I’m not a hundred per cent on the pattern, but hey, you can’t get everything you want in life.

Emma Cook     Emma Cook 

Styling Suggestion

Christian Louboutin     Valentino 


When I first saw these earrings I thought: whoa, these look like chandeliers; then I clicked on them I read the description, I knew then that it was meant to be. And quite clearly everyone else in the world seems to agree with me because lo and behold, they’re ALL sold out!

Percossi Papi     Percossi Papi 

Styling Suggestion

Nina Ricci     Bottega Veneta     Christian Louboutin 


Another embellished keeper. Net-a-porter is really starting to make me REALLY appreciate and want an embellished sweater to pair simply with skinny jeans and Uggs, for an understated yet kind of glamorous casual look. This sweater is FLAWLESS and you really can’t go wrong with a dark navy top.

Burberry Brit     Burberry Brit 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Tory Burch     Stella McCartney 


There is a MASSIVE question mark over this dress. Part of me thinks ‘meh’, but the other part of me is all for it. I think my biggest ish with this is the length (I like my dresses short) and the two tone black and cream colouring. On the whole though, it’d make for a nice going out dress.

Halston Heritage     Halston Heritage 

Styling Suggestion

Miu Miu     Valentino 


This dress looks like something I already own, so of course it’d make the cut for today. There’s something about horizontal stripes that I love and find quite comforting, even though they’re supposedly not the most flattering thing… but anyway, I love this dress for its simplicity and because it’s by Splendid.

Splendid     Splendid 

Styling Suggestion

Alaïa     Chloé 

Let me know what you think and check out net-a-porter to see what else is new today.




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