Tangled Web.

Still on a Matt Hires high from Saturday’s Signal in the Sky, I decided to download and track down the rest of the album. Unfortunately, the album won’t be out for another few months (BOOO :(), so I had to make do with some old tunes that I didn’t have. Last night I downloaded three new songs and one of them, I’m sure, has changed my life. Tangled Web is one of those songs that make you think back on everything’s that happened (perfect if you’re going through a ton of pictures like I was this morning). Matt’s voice on this track is second to none and his words just melt my heart. It’s because of this that I came to conclusion early this morning that NO-ONE should be allowed to make music so good, because honestly, I don’t think I can take it anymore.

Please, please, please give this song a listen and make sure you check out some of his other songs. I’ve had this song on repeat ALL morning (who needs a Poetry and Prose lecture when you can stay in bed listening to Matt Hires – that’s all the education I need), and know it’s going to be stay a favourite for a VERY long time.




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