The Light.

Sometimes I wish I had music that I could just listen and think to without the humdrum of lyrics and vocals. While I’ve found instrumental groups such as Explosions in the Sky, I haven’t quite taken to any of them like I have to The Album Leaf, and most particularly to their track The Light. The reason quite possibly being their music hasn’t  been featured on one of my favourite TV shows, and by favourite shows, yes I do mean Scandal (which I might add gets better with every viewing!). Whenever this amazing instrumental piece starts playing, you know that something quite spectacular is going to happen between Olivia and Fitz. This track makes their forbidden love (he’s married) all the more heart-breaking and all the more forbidden as you can practically hear their desperation to be together, which I guess is kind of funny because this single came out way back in 2006 and Scandal came out early this year. There is something so sweet about this track and if I were a more emotional person, I know that I’d cry every time I heard it.

While this song will inevitably remind me of my favourite ‘forbidden couple’ in the history of forbidden couples (in case you didn’t know, I’m team Olitz!), this is definitely a great song to sit and have a little (or big depending on your mood and mind-set) think to. I’m going to sync this song to my iPod then listen to it as I doze off to bed. Goodnight.




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