New Year’s Outfit.

It took me a lot longer than usual to find an outfit to wear last night, and I must say that I hate my friends for living so far away from me. I mean, how am I supposed to get ready for a night out when I only have one wardrobe to sift through (when I say one I mean my sister’s wardrobe because let’s be honest, my own wardrobe isn’t exactly teeming with options)? And you know what they say, four wardrobes are better than one 😉

New Year’s Outfit

New Year’s Outfit

New Year’s Outfit

Jeans – Uniqlo; Top – Jack Wills; Coat – Uniqlo; Bag – Longchamp; Pumps – ASOS

True to form I was running a little late so sorry for the blurry pictures. I later changed from my pumps into my Uggs, which I am so grateful for because we spent a lot of our night walking. Anyway, I hope you all rang in the new year in style (I can’t say the same thing for myself though… ahahaha) and have a restful day. I’m working on my American Studies essay before a movie night with my sissy!




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