What’s New Wednesday.

It’s been more than a long time since I’ve done a fashiony/net-a-porter post, and even though I’m THIS close to finishing my American Studies essay and should really be focusing on that, I think I’d rather kick off the new year with a fashion post – I know, I know, priorities or what… ahaaha.


You’ll probably recognise this clutch from previous posts’ styling suggestions. Nothing beats an oversized clutch especially on those nights out where it feels as though you have to pack your whole beauty bag and wardrobe. I’m talking about bringing those extra pair of flats, hair bands, makeup, ID, keys… the list really does go on, and this clutch is perfect for housing all of the above. I have a similar one from H&M that does just the trick, if only it was as chic as this though…

Yves Saint Laurent     Yves Saint Laurent 

Styling Suggestion

Matthew Williamson     Gianvito Rossi 


I saw this sweater today at work and I must say that it felt DIVINE to touch and I wish I could have at least tried it on before I gave it back to the fourth floor. Anyway, this sweater would look perfect with a pair of jeans and flats, or maybe over a glittery/feathered mini skirt and pumps – I’m thinking Olivia Palermo style.

Étoile Isabel Marant     Étoile Isabel Marant 

Styling Suggestion

Milly     Christian Louboutin     Bottega Veneta 


Nothing says Alice more than a plain and simple jersey top, and I think this Miu Miu cashmere and silk-blend sweater really couldn’t say Alice and clearer. You really could wear with this with anything and wear it anywhere. Oh the joys of simplicity!

Miu Miu     Miu Miu 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Isabel Marant     Alexander Wang 


I’m not going to lie, but back in the day I used to eat, live and breathe in my white jeans. They were by far my favourite thing to wear although after an incident of really bad grass stains, I hung up my white jeans for good, and I can say that it’s been about six years since I’ve worn them. Looking at these Rag & Bone jeans I’m reminiscing and wishing more than anything that I owned a pair of white jeans. I guess this means that they’ve been added to the wish list.

rag & bone JEAN     rag & bone JEAN 

Styling Suggestion

Kain     By Malene Birger     Jimmy Choo     Bottega Veneta 


While I’m not usually one for fancy tops (I’m more of a sweater, vest and tee kind of girl), I do like to indulge in a bit of glamour. This lace top is so cute and I love that it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Diane von Furstenberg     Diane von Furstenberg 

Styling Suggestion

Milly     MICHAEL Michael Kors     Charlotte Olympia     Yves Saint Laurent 


I can’t tell if this is my favourite pick today, but I think it might be. Where to start? I love the feathered mini skirt, the cut, the way it fits so snuggly on the body, the colour, the fact that you could probably wear this with flats and get away with it, whilst simultaneously wearing with stilettos and looking like a grade A supermodel! All I can say is; good job Catherine. Good job indeed!!

Catherine Malandrino     Catherine Malandrino 

Styling Suggestion

Christian Louboutin     Bottega Veneta 

Anyway, now that that’s all done, back to my essay and here’s to finishing it tonight before I have to trot off to bed. And also here’s to getting out of bed at 7 am for work tomorrow morning! Goodnight.




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