Fakin’ It.

There are few outfits I like more than a gym ensemble. I love putting on my leggings and trainers, tying up my laces, then bounding down the street looking as though I’m about to work up a sweat, when in reality the only exercise I’ll be getting is the quick run down to the shops. I also love how dressing as though I’m going to the gym, makes me feel less guilty about the fact that the last time I did anything that resembled exercise, was WAY back in the summer when I did yoga!

Fakin’ It

Fakin’ It

So anyway, this afternoon, after an exceptionally long movie night (my sister and I didn’t get to bed until about 9 am THIS morning! I know, talk about living life on the edge), I decided to throw caution to the wind (I mean who cares that I have an essay AND a presentation to write?), get dressed in one of my favourite get-ups and do my bit for the economy 😉

Fakin’ It

Fakin’ It

Fakin’ It

Fakin’ It

Coat – Uniqlo; Leggings – Jack Wills; Bag – Longchamp; Trainers – Asics; Long-sleeved tee – Uniqlo

Now I’m back home I guess I’ll get on with my work then treat myself to a lovely manicure later (if you’re lucky I’ll even share it with you tomorrow), while I try not to FREAK OUT about what tomorrow’ll bring.




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