Five Favourites Thursday.


You’ll remember I first wrote about this song on Sunday, which kind of feels like forever ago. I’ve still had this song on repeat ever since, though it’s been competing a little with Taylor Swift. This cheeky number will randomly pop into my head and I’ll get the sudden urge to shout bits of the song out loud before playing it on full volume, on repeat for the next few hours. Naturally it’s become something of a favourite on my iTunes.


Say what you will about Taylor Swift (or as I like to affectionately call her: Tay Tay Swizzle) you can’t ignore her knack to make millions off the back of breakups and heartbreak. I’m not sure when I got this song stuck in my head, but on Sunday, one of the first things I did was open up YouTube and crank up this megahit! I had it on repeat for the better part of the day before I moved on to Maroon 5. This song is catchy, and while it doesn’t sound very country, it is VERY Taylor Swift, and at the heart is a tale of a girl who should have followed her gut. Likewise, I should have known this song would be highly addictive and one of my most played songs this week.


Last night I said I’d share my manicure with you and here it is. It’s Barry M Navy with a top layer of Barry M Amethyst Glitter. I love how sparkly it is, although I wish the navy wasn’t so metallic looking, was a bit darker and glossier. Aside from that, you really can’t go wrong with a sprinkling of GLITTER.

Five Favourites Thursday: New Nails


This book has been sitting in my Amazon account since September, when I first laid eyes on it and read the description. I don’t know why, but there’s something about the title that really drew me in and had me wanting to know more. This book is about the history of the modern American Senate, and before you roll your eyes and yawn, I’ll have you know that from reading the introduction, I can tell it’s going to be a VERY interesting book.

Five Favourites Thursday: The Most Exclusive Club


I don’t think I need to say anything about this apart from, in five to six hours this show will return and I’ll get to see a brand new episode. I’ve been consoling myself with episodes from the first two series, and while I could happily watch those episodes on repeat for the rest for the rest of time, I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to see Fitz wake up at the end of this episode, and Olitz get back together. You can be sure that I’ll be live tweeting as I watch, so I warn you now!

Happy Thursday!




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