Friday Flashback.

These pictures are a little old, but I figured that seeing as I probably won’t be leaving my bed for the next couple of hours, and didn’t bring any clothes home with me this weekend, I may as well reminisce and share an old outfit pic.

Friday Flashback

Friday Flashback

I shared a sneak peek last weekend and these pictures were taken just before I went back to Winchester. It’s so good being home and feels so nice to finally relax – I know I really need it – what with all the snow from last week and staying in bed watching films ahaha.

Friday Flashback

Friday Flashback

Friday Flashback

Coat: Uniqlo; Cropped trousers: Uniqlo; Jumper: knitted; Plimsolls: Superga

As you can probably tell I’m really obsessed with my Supergas and wear them every time I’m home. I guess it looks like I’ll need to invest in a new pair soon… Anyways, have a great weekend and I’ll let you know how mine goes.




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