Last night, having semi-recovered from throwing up during the day, I went out to dinner with some old school friends. We went to a little Mexican cantina and cocktail bar in Fulham Broadway called Guaca.

When we walked in we were immediately transported to Mexico with their old school tunes, fiesta vibes and massive sombreros.


Holly and I

As soon as we sat down we were greeted with two (we were a big group and I don’t think they realised they’d already given us one) complimentary avocado guacamole and Dorito chips.


For my main event I had a beef burrito, which was pretty massive.



Before we left, we were given another complimentary token, this time in the form of a non-alcoholic shot.

bottoms up...

bottoms up…

The vibe, service and everything was so great and we had the best time hanging out, laughing and catching up. I know that I’ll be going back to Guaca soon and I cannot wait.

*not my picture

*not my picture

*not my picture

Their website is currently under construction at the moment, but you can always give them a quick Google, and check out their menu.

In the meantime, I’m heading out to dinner (again), only this time to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I can hear my stomach rumbling, so I’m going to run and get ready. Hope you all have a good evening.




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