What I Didn’t Do Yesterday.

Despite the fact that the last time I was home was only two weeks ago, I thought I’d come again for a chilled out weekend before the craziness of essay writing began next week. My sister and her friend had been planning on going to the Valentino exhibition at Somerset House sometime this week, and I had been sad that I would have missed the chance to see it with them. Anyway, when I found out they were going yesterday I was so happy… that is until when yesterday came and I was ill sick.

What I Didn’t Do Yesterday

To cut the long story short, whilst my sister and her friend looked around the exhibition I was sat outside, in the cold, staring at the river and watching people walk past, in the fear of throwing up again (which I did…).

What I Didn’t Do Yesterday

On the plus side however, it wasn’t all bad as I went out to dinner with a group of old friends and had an amazing evening (post coming soon). I also think that my day could have been a lot worse, and at least I got a chance to hang out with J and get lots of fresh air.




3 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Do Yesterday.

  1. Aw that’s so sad! The exhibition’s amazing, you must go again! If it helps that was me last weekend, sitting in a tube station clutching a sick bag : ( x

    • yeah i’m so sad i missed it 😦 but hopefully i’ll get a chance to see it – i may have to come back from uni especially just to see it. oh no!! how comes you were so sick? hope you’re feeling much better now 🙂

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